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Youtube’s most watched videos

This is a list of most viewed YouTube videos. It includes the 5 most viewed videos of all time as derived from YouTube charts.

Numbers of views listed are based on official figures as of 21 July 2013. YouTube regulates this list and may choose not to include some videos if it suspects viewer count manipulation, something that has happened in the past

1. Psy, “Gangnam Style”: 1,708,679,267  views

2. Justin Bieber, “Baby” – ft. Ludacris: 874,127,297  views

3. Jennifer Lopez, “On The Floor” – ft. Pitbull: 679,895,390  views

4. Eminem, “Love The Way You Lie” –  ft. Rihanna: 577,300,488  views

5.  LMFAO, “Park Rock Anthem” –  ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock: 554,498,454  views

credit: wikipedia

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