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Will Google glass’ first Adult content app get accepted?

The first porn app came to Google Glass on Monday 1st June, called “Tits and Glass.”

tits-and-glass-appWell, the “Tits and Glass” porn app was up for several hours before google sneak-changed their terms of service and took it down

Sexually Explicit Material: We don’t allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Google has a zero-tolerance policy against child pornography. If we become aware of content with child pornography, we will report it to the appropriate authorities and delete the Google Accounts of those involved with the distribution.

Adult company MiKandi has been reworking the app to match the new terms of service


MiKandi is behind the first adult-centric app intended for the high-tech specs, allowing users to watch videos and photos filmed with Google Glass. The app is available for download now, but those without the device can still browse and interact on the site

“Unlike other hands-free recording devices, wearing Glass is easy and familiar,” MiKandi co-founder Jennifer McEwen told Mashable. “Because of that, you can forget about the technology on your head and be in the moment. The result is an authentic look at the wearer’s experiences.”

The company is also interested in making the experience more intimate for adults.


“Besides point-of-view content, we’re interested in Glass’ potential to facilitate two-way adult interaction. For example, between long-distance couples, cam models and fans or strangers.”

Although the porn industry has been fast to adopt emerging technology, McEwen said it has actually slowed in terms of innovation within the last few years.

“The old adage that porn drives tech is sadly no longer true,” she said. “Over the last decade, adult companies have seen themselves locked out of more and more technologies and services — the latest being mobile applications. Adopting new technology is costly and time consuming, so it’s no wonder why some the industry have become risk adverse.”

Not all adult companies see the value of implementing time and resources into embracing the new technology.

Will the app re-adjust and finally be fit for Google Glass?

Credit: Mashable, tits and glass

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