AutoFore to Showcase its Automotive Solutions at GITEX Africa

AutoFore founder and CEO, Ms. Agatha Nambuya. PHOTO: Agatha Nambuya / via Twitter AutoFore founder and CEO, Ms. Agatha Nambuya. PHOTO: Agatha Nambuya / via Twitter
<center>AutoFore founder and CEO, Ms. Agatha Nambuya. PHOTO: Agatha Nambuya / via Twitter</center>

AutoFore, an automotive aftersales support platform supporting the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly automotive businesses while providing employment opportunities, will be showcasing its innovative solution(s) at the GITEX Africa, one of Africa’s premier technology and startup events which is set to take place in Marrakech, Morocco.

With a stated aim of transforming mobility in Africa through technology and skilled labor, AutoFore’s innovative solutions are reshaping the automotive industry.

“Launching AutoFore in Uganda was informed by several factors,” AutoFore founder and CEO, Ms. Agatha Nambuya said in a press statement. “Firstly, Uganda’s automotive market presented a significant opportunity for innovation and improvement, particularly given the high percentage of used imported vehicles and the challenges associated with maintaining them.”


The second reason she said, “As a local startup, we were passionate about making a positive impact in our community and contributing to the development of sustainable automotive businesses that provide meaningful employment opportunities.”

AutoFore will showcase one of its flagship initiatives, Auto4, an online platform that connects car owners with automotive vendors. It [Auto4] exemplifies the transformative potential of technology in addressing local challenges. Inspired by a lack of reliable spare parts, service centers, and technical support for used imported vehicles in Uganda, Auto4 streamlines the process of sourcing quality replacement parts and accessing dependable auto repair centers, thus ensuring efficient and safe vehicle maintenance.

Nambuya and her team are excited to showcase Auto4 at GITEX Africa.

“In addition to showcasing our flagship product, Auto4, we’re also looking forward to connecting with stakeholders within the African tech ecosystem and exploring opportunities for growth, expansion, and collaboration,” said Nambuya. “We’re excited about the potential of the event to accelerate our business and contribute to the advancement of the African automotive industry,” she added.

Not only is AutoFore offering technology-driven solutions and fostering sustainability, but it is also creating employment opportunities within the automotive sector. Thus, helping the government fight the unemployment gap —contributing to economic development, and fostering skills development and capacity building within the local communities.

“We’re proud that we are creating employment opportunities,” said Nambuya. “We are currently working with 200 vendors and over 1,000 mechanics.” Adding “By connecting car owners with local service centers and vendors, we support the growth of small businesses and create jobs for mechanics, technicians, and other automotive professionals.”

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Uganda has witnessed a wave of technological innovation. In a country where access to traditional infrastructure and services can be limited, technology is emerging as a powerful catalyst for change, offering solutions to longstanding socio-economic issues.

Looking ahead, Uganda’s startup scene offers opportunities across various sectors, with immense potential to build on its 2022 total funding of almost USD$25.76 million (approx. UGX96.7 billion). Technology adoption, fintech innovation, e-commerce expansion, renewable energy, and healthcare advancement present fertile ground for entrepreneurs to make a meaningful impact.

However, navigating funding and investment opportunities remains a daunting challenge for startups in Uganda. Limited access to capital and a lack of investor awareness about the potential of startups hinder the growth and scalability of innovative ventures. AutoFore and other Ugandan startups that will be showcasing at GITEX Africa, one of Africa’s largest showcases of startups with exposure to the most influential players and investors in the global startup ecosystem, is invaluable.

Their journey underscores the importance of networking, pitching, and relationship-building in securing funding and overcoming these obstacles.

Bolstering Uganda’s presence at GITEX AFRICA even further, and demonstrating the esteem in which the country’s technological progress is held, is the country’s Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Hon. Monica Musenero Masanza, who will be joining other Ministers and delegates across Africa to speak at the GITEX AFRICA Digital Summit where they will discuss among other things “Building a Unified Digital Africa”.

GITEX Africa is more than just a technology exhibition and event; it offers a unique opportunity for startups to network with industry leaders, secure funding, and gain international exposure. For Ugandan startups and companies, participating in GITEX Africa (from 29-31 May 2024) signifies national pride and the chance to highlight the innovative capabilities emerging from Uganda’s tech ecosystem.

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of the Kingdom of Morocco, GITEX AFRICA is held under the authority of the Moroccan Ministry of Digital Transition and Administration Reform, supported by the Ministry of Health & Social Protection, and hosted by the Digital Development Agency. The 2nd blockbuster edition, organized by KAOUN International, follows its pioneering debut in 2023.