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New Interactive Toys introduced in ‘Angry Birds Star Wars II’

Players will be able to unlock their favorite Angry Birds Star Wars characters in the app whenever they want, with new toys.


Hasbro’s Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods, announced Monday morning, work with Rovio’s upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars II game. Each playset comes with different figures that can work independently or can be scanned into the game.

The Telepod figures are each about an inch high and depict Angry Birds versions of popular Star Wars characters. There are characters fans already know from the previous game, as well as new additions from the Star Wars prequels — like Jar Jar Binks, General Grievous and Darth Maul. There are 30 figures in all.

Each figure has a code on its base that can be scanned by the front-facing camera on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry phones and tablets. At any point, players can decide to import one of their action figures in place of the character sitting on the slingshot at the start of the level.

There will also be a new “Pork Side” mode, which will allow players to toss the Empire pigs from the slingshot.Angry-Birds-Star-Wars-Playset

Hasbro sent employees to Helsinki to work with Rovio for several weeks to perfect the design, a Hasbro spokesperson reported.


The Telepods packs will hit retail shelves in August and will cost between $5.99 for a few figures to $39.99 for a Star Destroyer playset. Angry Birds Star Wars II will be out Sept. 19 and costs $0.99 or $2.99 for the HD version.

Credit: Mashable

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