Ugandan Startups to Showcase at GITEX Africa

Attendees at the 2023 GITEX Africa in Marrakech, Morocco. COURTESY PHOTO / GITEX Africa Attendees at the 2023 GITEX Africa in Marrakech, Morocco. COURTESY PHOTO / GITEX Africa
<center>Attendees at the 2023 GITEX Africa in Marrakech, Morocco. COURTESY PHOTO / GITEX Africa</center>

Remarkable Ugandan startups and companies are set to showcase their groundbreaking solutions at the forthcoming GITEX Africa, one of Africa’s premier technology exhibitions, held in Marrakech, Morocco. This event gathers the best minds from governments, businesses, big tech, startups, investors, entrepreneurs, and youths from across the globe to accelerate and catalyze the continent’s ambitious digital transformation journey.

GITEX Africa is more than just a technology exhibition and event; it offers a unique opportunity for startups to network with industry leaders, secure funding, and gain international exposure. For Ugandan startups and companies, participating in GITEX Africa (from 29-31 May 2024) signifies national pride and the chance to highlight the innovative capabilities emerging from Uganda’s tech ecosystem.

Uganda is quickly becoming acknowledged for its burgeoning tech industry. The nation’s youthful populace along with the rise in internet access, smartphone penetration, and favorable government initiatives has paved the way, for a thriving atmosphere of advancement. Amidst the multitude of businesses emerging in this setting, more and more standout startups have emerged with solutions to showcase at regional and global events such as the forthcoming GITEX Africa in Morocco.


The presence of Ugandan startups and companies at GITEX Africa shows how vibrant the country’s tech industry is. Furthermore, their participation in such an event as well as other regional and global events underscores the importance of exposure and collaboration. By connecting with partners, investors, fellow entrepreneurs & startup founders, Ugandan startups can explore markets gain valuable insights and attract investments necessary for expanding their solutions, and also contribute to the advancement of Uganda’s tech scene and economic progress at large.

Regional startup, VC investment surge on high revs at North Star Africa

GITEX Africa 2024 will also feature an elevated North Star Africa startup showcase, converging the largest curation of award-winning startups and scale-ups ever seen in Africa. The most ambitious and forward-thinking entrepreneurs and startup founders will collaborate with African and global accelerators and investors to scale business opportunities in a region that is tipped to raise USD$10 billion in VC funds by 2025.

North Star Africa is extending its far-reaching footprint to all ends of the world’s second-largest continent and beyond, spurring investors to seek out and uplift the next potential unicorns solving Africa’s biggest challenges.

There’ll be more awards too, with globe-trotting innovative companies battling for startup supremacy at the Supernova Challenge, Africa’s most coveted and valuable startup pitch competition, with a prize pool of USD$100,000 (approx. UGX389,430,000) up for grabs across six categories.

Editor’s Note: A list of all Ugandan startups and companies that will showcase the GITEX Africa. (ACCESS)