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Access MTN Services gets smarter with MyMTN app

TEN years ago when MTN was just one of three operators of telecommunications services in the country, it was hard to imagine a time when a “Dial *156#” would be so difficult and confusing that users needed a shorter shortcut to checking their airtime balance.

As were the operators, the services were only a handful. Telecommunications services have evolved; from GSM/PDMA calls to VoIP calls that most of us know as WhatsApp and/or Viber calls; from SMS to IM; and now from airtime purchases to bank [money] transfers using Mobile Money.

The advent of all these services has prompted (or necessitated) the regulator, Uganda Communications Commission to adopt a standardization criteria, requiring operators across the sector to use exactly the same USSD code for particular services. Helplines for example. Not that all such changes make sense; but it reinforces one point: the codes to remember are now way too many. *100#, *165#, *147#, *150*1#, e.t.c

MTN 1App vs MTN Assistant
MTN 1App vs MTN Assistant

To save us the headache, operators have decided to innovate. MTN Uganda recently announced the Android-based MTN Assistant which centralized most of MTN’s most popular services onto one dashboard.

And now MTN has introduced a more robust mobile app. MTN 1App is available on all major stores: Google Play, Blackberry, Windows Phone Store and Apple Store. It’s the most robust we’ve seen so far.

“Welcome to the world of services to suit everyone’s needs. With MTN 1App you can topup airtime, purchase bundles pay your bills and much more,” reads the “Description” on the app’s Google Play page.

The app literally brings everything in one place. MTN1App gives subscribers greater control of their own mobile services so that they can access services and solve issues without having to contact company representatives.


MTN 1App
MTN 1App Homescreen

In three words; the design is fresh, sleek and modern. This review is based on tests on iPhone and Android platforms. The app features MTN’s brand colors of deep yellow with a brown-ish theme. The welcome screen features a group selfie of very happy people, getting the user off to a pleasant start.


Prominently displayed on the homescreen are to shortcuts; MySelfService and Mobile Money. Either selection takes you to a login page, crucially making security an integral to the app.

The app offers an optional tour the first time it's used.
The app offers an optional tour the first time it’s used.
Payment of bills has been made much more straightforward.
Payment of bills has been made much more straightforward.

The choice of those two blocks as the major service categories says something about the future that MTN sees: in that future, Mobile Money will be as important as, if not more than, all the other services combined.

On the MySelfService screen, the Main Account [airtime] balance is queried and displayed automatically, as well as the data balance. The other shortcuts reveal MTN’s services and product offerings, Loyalty points if any, Data bundles and the Tariff Plan Advisor which, I noticed, offers a recommendation of a plan and why. And an option to call customer care; crucially, without dialing any more buttons. Just a click of a button. Beat that!

Back on the App Homepage, the Mobile Money option has squeezed all MTN Mobile Money features in one place. Airtime purchases, bill payments, and money transfers.

DON’T MISS: I noticed that the app stores my most recent bill payments and gives me the option to tap and make the same payment without having to go through the trouble of re-entering the digits. This is convenient for services such as PayTV and Utility Bills.

MTN 1App also ensures customers have access to information about MTN’s products and services whenever the user needs it (24 hours a day) and at their convenience.


At two of the most key levels, the app requires authentication and the sessions timeout after the phone has been left idle for a few minutes, at which point it requires the owner to re-enter passwords.


MTN 1App is an altogether exciting application for users of MTN services. For once, one may not have to remember any stars and hashes to access services.


Albert Mucunguzi

Award-winning Founder of PC Tech Magazine and current Chairman of ICTAU.


  1. It doesn’t accept my number!! Albert, are you an “internal user”? I have failed to enter my number. What is “national format”? How can you use “national format” when the phone number field only accepts 9 characters? is it 25678XXXXXXX or 78XXXXXXX? My brother, I think you should have asked “an independent reviewer” to look at this app before you post.

    1. I thot he is an independent reviewer of the app. Nway great looking app looking forward to see ppl using it.

    2. James, you can’t have failed to use enter your number!! The login page actually shows “0XXXXXXXXX”. I find it straightforward, even if from the outside looking in.

          1. This is MTN we are talking about. The lad of false hopes and promises with regard to customer service. I have a LONG HISTORY trying to get something fixed or done by MTN.
            I have even once tried to buy 100 samsung galaxy pocket phones with 10k airtime each and failed. I once tried to get MTN to register 200 mobile money accounts and it took them TWO WEEKS even if I have all 200 people AT THEIR OFFICE!! No, there wasn’t a queue. WE were the queue.

    3. I did not have to enter any number. It automatically detected my number and location. Perhaps you should try turning on your location service.

      1. That is VERY scary. An app that automatically detects your number and reports it to the app developer.

        1. Except the app developer is your service provider and they do not need the app to get your number. What’s bothering me is the location service because long after I have logged in I still noticed the icon blinking. Not comfortable with that. I’ll keep using my USSD based MTN Assistant for now.

    4. James,

      I suspect you’re trying to set up the app while on WiFi. In this case, you need to choose Uganda at the point – see see image attachment.

  2. Finally! I have to say it’s great stuff. However it keeps sending me the code to sign in every time I start the app. One thing though, does this app work when one has no data? For most of the common tasks, I still find the MTN Assistant a faster alternative even is it’s USSD. I think I will be using the Mobile Money service though.

    PS: I was the one who developed the MTN Assistant because I was frustrated with recalling the various USSD services; it wasn’t the MTN guys.

    1. Hi Frank, the code is sent once once at first time use though you must sign in every time to access the app. This is for security. The app is zero rated. No charge except when downloading from store

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