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5 Best 3-Point Slinger For Cameras in 2024

You need a comfy and featherlight but durable camera carrier. This is where 3-point slingers or sling strips will come into play.

Floundering to carry your camera from one place to another or maybe, you have tried tote bags, packs, and other types of carriers but you didn’t get the comfort that you anticipated while carrying your camera — well what you need is a comfy and featherlight but durable camera carrier. This is where 3-point slingers or sling strips will come into play. We explore 5 nice and nifty particulars that would be necessary for helping you find the suitable 3-point slinger for a camera swatch.

What’s a 3-point slinger for a camera?

A 3-point Slinger for Camera is a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind swatch that keeps your camera safely attached to your body while you ramble, tromp, or drive. As the name reflects, a 3-point slinger boasts three points of contact. Ironically, the utmost 3-point sling strips only attach to the camera by one point. But they attach to your body in different ways.

It isn’t conducive at all times to carry the camera in your pack. Not only that, it’s also repulsive to pick out the camera from your bag when taking an instant picture. That’s why formulators have produced the 3-point slinger, which makes a quick transition from bearing your camera tackle to a photo shoot.

Stylish 3-point slingers for camera, 5 popular particulars

To make your job easier, we’ve rounded up 5 top-notch three-point slingers for your camera. No matter whether you enjoy a DSLR, compact, ground, mirrorless, action, or indeed film camera, these 3-point slingers will work for all of them. Here are 5 3-Point Slinger For Camera in detail.

  1. BlackRapid

The first 3-point slinger in this round-up is BlackRapid, a colonist of the camera sling and 3-point slinger. It’s well-known and dotted by the wider camera community. Durable, comfortable, and packed with killer features, the BlackRapid Sport is perfect for professional shutterbugs and photography suckers.

The BlackRapid Sport features a malleable swatch with an ergonomically designed permeable shoulder pad, furnishing optimal comfort and stability. This 3-point slinger comes with an underarm stabilizer that keeps the shoulder pad in place as you slide the camera back and forth for comfortable firing.

The swatch has fenders that can hold the camera in one spot to keep it stabilized when not in use. However, BlackRapid can be a great choice for you, If your precedence is high-quality accouterments and ease- of- use.

Key features;

  • Comes with a malleable swatch with fenders and an intertwined underarm stabilizer.
  • Offers twisted pad made with a combination of nylon mono mesh, TPE froth, polyester, and air mesh.
  • FastenR camera base plate attachment is available.
  • ConnectR swivel locking carabiner with LockStar is available.
  • Comes with a black mesh bag as well.
  1. Waka

This Waka camera sling can be a budget-friendly option for shutterbugs looking for a heavy-duty sling swatch that simply carries out the job. You won’t find anything fancy in this, but it’s robust, affordable, and has all the introductory features one would seek in a sling swatch.

The Waka Professional DSLR camera shoulder swatch features a sturdy malleable swatch( suitable to support full-size DSLRs) and a hard-wearing shoulder pad with a fund for storing bitsy rudiments similar to redundant batteries or memory cards.

This sling swatch is fitting for high shutterbugs more as the swatch tends to hang low indeed at its shortest adaptation. On the wise side, the adaptation buckle comes right to where the camera rests at the bottom of the swatch so you may have it hit your leg as it hangs when you walk.

Key features;

  • Comes with a malleable and quick-release swatch.
  • Offers Anti-slip shoulder pad with zippered storehouse cube.
  • Features essence plate with anti-slip rubber padding.
  • Extra safety tether available.
  1. Altura

Analogous to the utmost of Altura Photo’s products, the Altura Rapid Fire Neck Swatch offers high value. This Altura Sling is a simple and accessible camera sling that’s fluently malleable.

The Altura photo camera strap comes with a shoulder pad and base plate camera connector. The shoulder pad contains a zipper fund for storing rudiments similar to memory cards and batteries.

On top of that, for your internal peace, it contains a safety swatch and a rubber-backed plate that lets you attach a tripod screw. still, it’s not veritably robust and doesn’t feel veritably durable with cheap plastic factors. still, for a newbie shooter who’s just trying out different camera accessories, including camera slings, it can be an astral budget option.

Key features;

  • Boasts easy-to-acclimate swatch.
  • Contains a shoulder pad with a storehouse cube.
  • Essence mounting plate with anti-slip rubber bottom available.
  • Offers safety tether
  1. USA Gear TrueSHOT

Still, comfortable, and holds some useful features, If you’re on the hunt for a 3-point slinger for a camera that’s reasonable. Because it comes with a sturdy nylon swatch, a malleable cinch, and some fresh features you would aspire to.

Edging in comfort and strength, the swatch allows you to convey the heaviest cameras on request without causing any discomfort. It’s no way easier to lug around your camera on an everyday print shoot or hiking adventure! USA Gear TrueSHOT can be your real adjunct in that case.

Piecemeal from that, it comes with an underarm stabilizing swatch and a shoulder pad. The shoulder pad is made from veritably comfy neoprene and comes with a fluently accessible integrated memory card fund, as well as an elastic fund with a velcro check.

Key features;

  • Comes with a malleable swatch with quick-release reversible buckles.
  • Divisible underarm swatch.
  • Neoprene shoulder pad with erected SD card fund and elastic fund available.
  • Screw on an essence plate for adaptation.
  • Tether swatch for safety and security.

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  1. Ocim

The Ocim 3-point slinger is a great option if you’re looking for the best point slinger for your camera. You can quickly and simply sling your camera around your neck with this handy little device, so you can always have it ready to go. But the budget slinger is not the Ocim camera slinger.

An adjustable underarm strap secures the robust, adjustable strap with a thick shoulder cushion on the Ocim Sling Strap. The strap, which is similar to the BlackRapid Breathe line, fastens to the bottom of the camera via a stainless steel mount screw and then links to a locking metal carabiner.

The Ocim 3-point slinger is pleasant to wear and is constructed from high-quality materials. To keep your camera safe when not in use, it also comes with a convenient and useful carrying case. The slinger’s strap features a locking mechanism that allows you to adjust the length to suit your comfort level.

Key features;

  • Breathable shoulder pad for convenient ventilation.
  • Simple and easy strap adjustment.
  • Accessible locking metal carabiner.
  • Also easily adjustable is the underarm strap.
  • Additionally, the stainless steel mount screw has non-slip rubber.


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