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SafeBoda Introduces EV Tier: Advancing E-Mobility and Sustainability

The EV tier allows drivers to switch to electric bodas and increase their incomes by having access to SafeBoda customers while saving more than 30% on fuel and saving the environment.

SafeBoda Uganda has today launched the EV Tier in the SafeBoda App, a pioneering initiative aimed at promoting e-mobility and sustainability in the transportation sector.

During the launch, SafeBoda CEO Rob Sanford, said they are committed to driving positive change in Uganda’s transport landscape — adding that the EV Tier initiative represents their dedication to promoting e-mobility and combating climate change. “By empowering EV Boda riders, we are not only offering sustainable transportation options but also creating opportunities for social and economic development,” said Sanford.

SafeBoda is collaborating with leading EV manufacturers SPIRO, GOGO, and ZEMBO to provide riders with a diverse range of e-bike options and ensure access to necessary resources, including maintenance guidance and charging station locations.

The ride-hailing company aims to support a streamlined transition to e-mobility for its rider community, offering not only environmental benefits but also financial stability.

Minister for Science, Technology, and Innovation Dr. Monica Musenero Masanza commended SafeBoda for its innovative approach to promoting e-mobility and sustainability in Uganda’s transportation sector — and emphasized the critical role that EV Tier plays in advancing the country’s efforts towards a cleaner future.

SafeBoda’s VP of Payments and Driver Wellbeing Christian Mayeku Wamambe said, “The launch of the EV Tier is a strategy to protect and increase driver incomes.”

The EV Tier allows drivers with fuel consumption bodas to switch to electric bodas and there then they will be able to increase their incomes by having access to a pool of SafeBoda customers. With this transition, drivers will save on fuel, and clients on the other hand will appreciate the lower prices.

In his concluding remarks, Wamabe said, “We are thrilled to support our riders on their path to a more sustainable future.”

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The launch of the EV Tier marks a significant milestone in SafeBoda’s efforts to promote sustainable transportation solutions in Uganda. All electric boda riders are invited to join SafeBoda and embark on a career path that prioritizes social and economic development while contributing to a cleaner future for all.



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