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Understanding When to Convert CR2 Files to JPG and How to Do So Easily

Learn about the CR2 image file format, the reasons why you will need to convert the format to JPG and the best way to do the conversion.

In this article, we shall learn about the CR2 image file format, and also about the reasons why you will need to sometimes convert CR2 format to JPG. Later in the post, we will also explain the best way to do the conversion.

CR2 is one of those RAW format files that are exclusively designed for images that are clicked by using the Canon cameras. Even though CR2 files come with unique advantages, it is not easy to manage them. You will be able to access these files with the exclusive Canon software.

Let us look at some of the advantages of this image file format

The best advantage of these CR2 files is that they are the RAW files that allow for high-level customization. Since these files retain a lot of details about the image and are heavier or bigger.

Most professional photographers prefer using the RW formats because they are ideal for post-processing customizations. Similarly, photographers using Canon cameras prefer CR2 files for editing. Another advantage of using CR2 files is that they allow for lossless editing. What it means is that the image quality will not be lost even after the editing job is done.

Let us now look at some of the setbacks or challenges of using CR2 files

Firstly, these files are bulky since they carry a lot of information about images. This can be a major concern if you have to send them on emails, especially when you are sending multiple files. They do not compress enough when you zip them, which makes it difficult to send or receive them on emails.

Another concern is that they eat up a lot of storage space, and can pose a problem if you are working on a system with limited free space. The solution here is CR2 to JPG conversion, and we will talk about the best way to do so later in this post.

Another problem with CR2 files is that they are not compatible with all the operating systems. Users will need to use specialized tools like Adobe Photoshop to access or edit these files. Unfortunately, such editing tools are expensive, and not everyone will be willing to buy them for one-off projects. While some of the new operating systems like Windows 10 do provide the feature for accessing CR2, you will not be able to edit them.

When to convert?

Now that we understand the advantages and limitations of these files, you will need to make the right choices of when to convert them to JPG, and when you should not be doing it. As a good practice, is always wise to take backups before converting the file formats.

If you are sending files to someone for editing, then it is best to send the RAW format. On the other hand, if you are sending them just for review to your client, then it is better to convert CR2 to JPG so that they will not have any issues with accessing them. JPG runs seamlessly on all the operating systems and devices.

Best Method for CR2 to JPG conversion

After reviewing many tools available in the market, we found reaConverter to be way better than most of them. It is a user-friendly software that allows you to convert various file formats with ease.

If you have many files, then you can use the batch conversion feature to automate the task. It will help you in saving a lot of time, rather than working on each file individually. Moreover, this tool allows you to edit the files before converting them so that you can make quick changes if needed.

It is handy software for photographers and graphic editors. You can give it a try for free by installing the trial version, and then decide to go for the full version.

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