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How to Manage Two Accounts on the Same Telegram App

The Telegram shift between accounts on the same app is very similar to when you change accounts on Instagram or Twitter.

Telegram is one of the most used social messaging apps and unlike other social media apps, Telegram allows users to manage more than one account on the same app. Previously, the app only supported a single account [single account means single number per telegram app] but all changes if you have the updated Telegram app.

The multi-account on Telegram is available both on Android and iOS so you can have up to three different numbers on a single app. You don’t have to install anything special, no third-party application or any mod that modifies the app. All you need to have is access to the phone number [second or third account you’re adding] to verify once they send you the confirmation SMS.

The Telegram idea is very similar to when you change accounts on Instagram or Twitter. In WhatsApp, this cannot be done [having two accounts on a single app] unless when you have some kind of special trick under your sleeves.

The only condition to have two or more Telegram accounts is to have phone numbers that you want to register in the app. You need to have the numbers you want to register and follow some simple steps to do it. Once you have it, you can switch from one to another whenever you want. You can now separate accounts for personal, work, and others.

To setup another account(s);

  • Open the Telegram app.
  • Go to the three lines in the upper left corner (on Android) or the gear icon in the bottom right corner (on iOS) to open settings.
  • Click on “Add Another account” under your username (on Android) or the edit option on the top right corner and click on “Add Another account“.
  • A new screen will appear.
  • Choose a country (to know the country’s phone code).
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Press the arrow to go to the next step for completion.

Once you have two or more Telegram accounts at the same time on the same mobile you can change them from the left menu whenever you want, passing from one user to another depending on whether you want to see the chats of one person or another.

Telegram without phone number

The question you might ask is do you need to have a SIM card inserted in the mobile phone if we want to register that phone? Well, the answer is, Not necessarily. You just need to have your SIM card at hand to register as you will receive a verification SMS code. It can be on the phone where you are registering or on another that you have on hand and want to add.

Once you have added the phone number and logged in, it will remain registered until you log out or uninstall Telegram so you do not need to have that SIM card if its only use is for Telegram.

Manage Notifications for Multiple Telegram Accounts

Telegram automatically notifies you when your Telegram account has new activity. You’ll get notifications for all accounts unless you tweak it. To adjust your notifications, go into settings for each login and choose Notifications and Customize. Here, you can turn notifications off or customize the alerts you get.


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