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Telegram New Update Allows Users to Record Video From Live Broadcasts

Telegram is rolling out new updates to its app and the major update lets users record video and audio from live broadcasts.

Telegram is rolling out new updates to its app and the major update lets users record video and audio from live broadcasts. Among other updates, the social network is letting its users set different themes for individual chats, share your feelings with loved ones using interactive emoji with fullscreen effects, and see detailed read receipts in groups.

The new features were announced on September 19th, 2021 via Telegram’s blog post, and therefore users can go ahead update their apps to receive the new features.

In its last update — Telegram 8.0 — introduced the ability to have an unlimited audience for a live stream. This feature allows admins to record live streams and video chats to publish them for those who missed the live version—entertaining an endless number of participants.

Admins can start a recording right from the Live Stream or Video Chat menu —with options to record Video and Audio or Only Audio. To record a video, choose an orientation for the final video file, Portrait or Landscape. After you finish recording or end the broadcast, the file is instantly uploaded to your Saved Messages.

To start recording these sessions, tap the three-dotted lines (⋮ or ⋯) in the top-right corner to open the broadcast menu and start recording. While recording, a red dot will appear next to the title of the broadcast.

Telegram has introduced eight new chat themes that you can apply to specific private chats to customize their appearance. Each of the new themes features colorful gradient message bubbles, beautifully animated backgrounds, and unique background patterns. Telegram in the blog post said eight (8) themes are just the beginning as their designers are already working on adding more.

Each of these themes comes with a day and night version and will follow your app’s night mode settings —whether you keep it dark all day, or have your chats follow the sun.

Both you and your chat partner can choose the theme for both sides and make any conversation easy to recognize. If you are using the latest version of Telegram, to set a theme for your chats, tap the Chat Header >> click on the three-dot icon (⋮ or ⋯) >> then select Change Colors. Your chat partner will see the theme if they are using the latest version of Telegram.

Telegram also received yet another new set of animated emojis with fullscreen effects with the update for users to choose the option of being more expressive in the Telegram chats. The animations and vibrations will play at the same time on the smartphones if the chat window of the user and chat partner is open.

Finally, the latest update is the detailed read receipts in groups. Users can now check to see if the other members in the group have read your message. Group messages will be marked with double-check icon (✓✓) to signify the read receipt status. In small groups, the user can now see which group members have read the message by selecting it. Telegram confirms that to ensure privacy read receipts in groups will be stored for seven days after the message was sent.

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