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Meet Wemogee – Samsung’s Android Chat App for Users With Language Disorders

Samsung has announced that it will launch Wemogee, a communication tool for individuals with language disorders, on Android. The application was designed to allow users with aphasia and other language disorders to communicate with others.

Wemogee is aimed at people who suffer from aphasia, a neurological disorder that prevents them from producing and understanding speech. To create the app, Samsung worked with speech therapists who came up with emoji-only versions of 140 common phrases. Users with aphasia can chose what they want to say from a list of visual options, and the app translates them into text for recipients without aphasia.

The Wemogee app serves as a “translator” between emoji and text, and contains a library of more than 140 phrases related to major themes. Specifically, phrases are split into six main categories: everyday life; eating and drinking; feelings; help; recreational activities; and anniversaries and celebrations.

For example, the phrase “Would you like to go to the beach with me?” is transformed into a single text message containing four emoji, and if you respond with an enthusiastic “Ok!,” the sender will get a single “ok” hand sign emoji.

Wemogee is similar to the predictive text features you might find in your messaging app of choice, including iMessage and Facebook Messenger, both of which suggest emoji for certain words. The app will be available for download on Android devices this week, TechCrunch reports, and an iOS version is in the works.

Via: PC Mag


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