Lee Young-Hee Has Become Samsung Electronics’ First-Ever Female President

In its year's end reshuffle, Samsung Electronics announced its first-ever female president topping her her previous post as head of the company's Global Marketing Center of the Device Experience division, or DX division.

The world’s second-largest technology company, Samsung Electronics yesterday said in its year’s end reshuffle announcement it will retain the positions of its current two CEOs JH Han and Kyung Kye-hyun who will each continue to head the Device Experience and Device Solution divisions, respectively.

Simultaneously, the South Korea-based electronic company also announced its first woman president, Lee Young-Hee. President is the highest executive position within Samsung only behind CEO and vice chairman. For her new position as president, Young-Hee topped her prior role from her previous post as head of the company’s Global Marketing Center of the Device Experience division or DX division, Yonhap News Agency reported.

Known as a marketing expert and having previously worked at L’Oreal, she joined Samsung in 2007 becoming instrumental in promoting Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone brand when the company’s mobile business was fast-rising in the smartphone sector starting in the early 2010s under the leadership of then-CEO JK Shin.

Young-Hee has been managing her role and work at Samsung quite effectively, and she certainly received this promotion as a result. She now holds a more important position with more duties on her plate including managing this duty admirably, given her past.

Samsung anticipated that Young-Hee’s promotion would give other talented female employees the chance to push themselves to advance their careers. She is one of seven new presidents appointed as part of the first small-scale restructure since Lee Jae-Yong, the de facto leader of the firm, was promoted to executive chairman of the business in October.


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