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The Instagram Algorithm in 2021

Ultimately, even though the Instagram algorithm is tricky to wrap your head around, it is in place to gives users the best possible experience.

Do you have an Instagram account that is relatively new and wants to know what you should be doing to be recognized by the algorithm? Are you having trouble getting your name out there and want to know how the Instagram algorithm works?

Instagram started as a simple photo-sharing platform where you could share images with your friend. Back then, you would see all of the posts in chronological order and this was great for a while. These days Instagram has really stepped up its game and completely changed social media. Here you can now share both photos and videos on a multitude of features.

Instagram also has a new algorithm which means you don’t see your followers’ posts in chronological order anymore. Oftentimes, this means that smaller, or less popular accounts get left in the dark. If you want to know how the Instagram algorithm works in 2021 and how to beat it, here is what you need to know.

It is all about engagement
Success on Instagram is all about the algorithm and knowing your way around it. In past years many people have had their complaints about the algorithm and how it works, but in the long run, it is incredibly effective. The Instagram algorithm shows people what they want, and typically this is the most popular content. When it comes to the algorithm, engagement is a key factor. But in order to work on the engagement, you need to get a solid number of followers. An Instagram growth service like Growthsilo allows you to quickly build up your follower base, so you can invest more time in engagement.  When Instagram started the algorithm used to let you see everyone’s posts in chronological order on your feed, but these days it is a little more advanced than that.

In fact, the algorithm works almost purely off of engagement. The more you receive, the better chance you have of being noticed by the algorithm and having your content pushed to a larger audience.

If you are struggling with getting people to engage with you on the platform, you should try engaging yourself. Due to the fact that engagement is such a key element on Instagram, they have implemented and introduces a plethora of ways that allow you to communicate and interact with your audience, from commenting or direct messaging, to something more subtle like sharing and liking other users’ content. This is a great way to get noticed, encourage others to engage with you, and also gain more followers that really like you.

Mind your Timing
Timing is another factor to consider when thinking about the Instagram algorithm in 2021. It is so important to track your timing and make sure you are timing your posts to be uploaded when you know your audience will be the most active. Although Instagram works mostly off an engagement, it has some sense of time and more recent posts will be shown first.

This means that if you want your content and account to be successful, you need to be posting when your followers are most active. Typically, this will be in the morning before work or school and in the evening before they go to bed, but it will vary from niche to niche depending on the make-up of the people in that niche.

Be consistent
Last but not least consistency is a big part of the Instagram algorithm. While it may not necessarily mean your posts will be seen more often, it will mean that you will be more likely to receive more engagement from your followers and other users. A previous point discussed that engagement is by far the most important element of the Instagram algorithm and the more you have, the better your chances of being noticed.

However, the more content you have, the better the chances you have of being engaged. And this means posting consistently. You should be posting at the same time every day so that people know when to expect content from you and that you have a steady flow of content for people to engage with. The lifespan of a post on Instagram is relatively short and it is easy for it to get lost among the other posts after a few minutes. By posting more frequently, you give your account the best shot at being noticed.

Ultimately, even though the Instagram algorithm is tricky to wrap your head around, it is in place to gives users the best possible experience. If you want to make your account more noticeable for the algorithms you just need to put in the work and you will see the results.


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