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Why Adult Online Dating is Here to Stay

Since you’re able to use webcam chats for conversations, dates, and intimacy, there isn’t nearly as much pressure to move the relationship offline.

A secret weapon can come in many forms, but what if it came in the form of a webcam chat? Where adult online dating sites are concerned, webcam chats are their best feature – and it’s what sets them apart from regular online dating platforms.

Can webcam chats really be all that special? They can, and you’ll find out why below. Thanks to their versatility, sites like Shagle have attracted millions of users worldwide – and they show no sign of slowing down.

Typical dating sites can cramp your style, but adult dating sites give you a lot more options.

While it’s obvious that regular dating platforms are massively popular, they have some pretty obvious shortcomings. For one thing, if you aren’t able to meet your date in person, you’re stuck with text chat as your primary means of communication – and of building the relationship in general. For another thing, most dating sites have pretty strict policies about nudity and sexual content. In fact, some of them actually employ moderators who patrol the site for violations. Lastly, your average dating site is a popular choice of venue for romance scammers, especially since it’s so easy to sign up with fake profiles.

Text chats vs. video chats

Even if you’re the most active person in every group chat, you may still have a hard time hitting it off with someone online if the only possible mode of communication is text chatting. When you text family and friends, you’re talking to people who already know you. They don’t care if you just aren’t the kind of person who proofreads texts, and they remain unbothered by your lavish use of emojis. This is because they’ve met you in real life, so even if your texting style isn’t 100% coherent, that doesn’t really affect the way they perceive you.

If you’re on a dating site, though, text chatting could be your first, last, and only provided method of communication. If you aren’t that good at getting your point across via text, that could result in all kinds of misconceptions about you. Not only will you be spending a lot of time with few results, but you could also end up with a lower overall success rate.

By comparison, video chats let potential romantic interests see what you look like, what you sound like, and generally the kind of person you are. Sure, people can still misrepresent themselves on a video chat, but it’s a lot harder to pull that off than it is over text chat. Even if you aren’t that good with words, the other person can still see that you’re being sincere simply by looking at your body language.

What about later on in the relationship? Between strict user policies and the inherent limitations of text chatting, there’s only so much you can do to escalate an online relationship on a traditional dating website. Relax the policies and add webcam chats, though, and you’re officially cooking with gas. You and your special someone can go on webcam dates, talk in real-time when either of you has something on your mind, and even get intimate – virtually, of course.

Differences in allowed content and behavior

For what it’s worth, it does make sense for most dating sites to restrict sexual content on their sites. The whole idea is to help people meet each other, with the goal of getting together in real life if all goes well. If that’s what eventually happens, online couples don’t really need a platform that lets them go all the way.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always what happens. Maybe they just don’t have time for that kind of relationship, or they live too far apart for that to be feasible. In those circumstances, a typical dating site would have pretty limited usefulness.

This is why so many people choose adult dating sites instead. They can choose a site that focuses on one-time interactions between singles who are looking for a fling, or they can go with something that supports long-term relationships as well. Either way, they don’t have to limit themselves in order to satisfy the terms and conditions; as long as everything’s legal and consensual, they can pretty much do as they please.

Since you’re able to use webcam chats for conversations, dates, and intimacy, there isn’t nearly as much pressure to move the relationship offline. You can both take your time getting to know each other, without feeling like something crucial is missing.

More trust in the people you meet

Would you like to know how much money was lost in romance scams just last year? According to reported cases, the number comes to USD$304 million. People are lonely, and it seems like they’re willing to overlook some red flags in the hopes that their special someone is real and will take that flight from South Africa really, really soon.

If romance scammers depend on one thing, it’s the ease with which they can impersonate someone else on most dating sites. All you need is a few profile pictures and a story that pulls the heartstrings, and presto – it’s time to layout the bait and see who bites.

If webcam chats are the main form of interaction, though, this type of scam becomes a lot more complicated. Sure, it’s still possible for people to create a false identity on a webcam chat…but you can at least tell that the people you’re talking to aren’t misrepresenting themselves too drastically. This means that most romance scammers will avoid adult dating sites, so you don’t have to be quite as skeptical when you meet someone online.

Adult dating sites aren’t for everyone, but they’re just the ticket for the people who want to actually date online.

What does dating look like for you? Chances are, you can find whatever you’re looking for on the right adult dating site. If you’ve been having a hard time finding that special someone, maybe you just haven’t been looking in the right places.


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