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How To Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow On Samsung Galaxy A5

Here’s the complete method to download and install CM13 on your device

With Cyanogen Mod 13 seeded out, users of Samsung A5 can now install this custom ROM on their smart phone. With the help of the XDA Developers forum, we’ve compiled this method of installing the custom ROM.

Before initiating the process we recommend users charge their device to at least 70% and use an original or a stable USB cable to reliably transfer files between the system and device. If the files transfer has errors, the device could fall into a soft-bricking state. This ROM is a preview and is not reliable for daily usage, and can cause bugs and app crashes.

Note: Ensure that your device is rooted and a custom recovery such as TWRP or CWM is installed before continuing with the guide.

It is strongly recommend that anyone attempting this makes a backup of the files on the device before proceeding to the next stage of installing CM 13.0. If the user is installing CM from the stock OS or upgrading between versions of Cyanogen Mod backing up data is strongly recommended.

How To Install Cyanogen Mod 13 On Samsung Galaxy A5

Step #1
Download custom ROM from here to commence the installation on the device via your system.

Select the most recent build and then download Google Applications from the open Gapps website in order to back up and restore applications on the device. This step helps in installing the applications and device data without having to install each app individually.

Using the USB cable, transfer the downloaded zip files on your device in the root directory of the SD card or internal storage.

Now boot the Samsung Galaxy A5 into recovery by holding down the home and volume up button, then press the power key for two seconds. Once the device starts let go of all the button and the device will root into recovery mode.

Once the device reboots, go into the zip folder and extract the file. Click the custom ROM file to start the installation method. During the installation process we recommend users to not interrupt the extraction and installation process as it could cause corruption leading to soft bricking.[related-posts]

Once the extraction and installation process completes, go back to the menu and install Gapps. This process installs the previous applications the user had and recovers the data.

Step #7
Now reboot the smart phone so the device starts up normally. Congratulations, Cyanogen Mod 13 has now successfully been installed on your device.

While using CM13 on the smart phone, if the user finds any bugs except for the FM Radio not working or problems using the Android beam they can report the bug to the following link. To help the developer community in troubleshooting, give the build name and then describe the issue clearly and correctly. If possible, attach screen shots of the issue so it’s easier understand the problem.

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