7 Applications Developed at the Google Android Developers Camp in Uganda

The camp lasted 48 hours: and in those hours participants had to agree on ideas that they would develop into android applications.

Here in Uganda, several applications were developed. It was impressive to see products developed from 48hours of work – but something worth mentioning was the names adopted by the developers:

Genda Maaso: This android Mobile application was built to help users easily locate their destination, calculate mileage, avail information on bus and motor cycle fares ,and weather condition. One can also use it to find out about hotels, nearby, tourist attractions, and also be able to make reservations for them, and then finally be able to share travel experience with everyone else.

MiGwa: It bridges the gap between house buyers and sellers for rental or commercial purchase by acting as a catalogue for houses in Uganda by user preferred category.

Droidplex which I must admit had a pretty interesting name  is the answer to all those whose teeth-grind at thought of having to traverse the crowded city to the cinema… only to realize that nothing of interest is being shown. To the poetic lover who woes in the loss of the knowledge “where for art thou play!!”. It was also built for many people who care about knowing when a cool or great movie is coming out, and maybe be lucky enough to get free seats as a bonus.  It is an application that according to its developers targets those with an affinity for the wide screen but do not like to move a lot.

Homedoc: This provides end user with the information which is vital for one’s health. It provides one with the signs and symptoms of various diseases and their treatment.  And in case the end user wants quick info on health tips and diet information for various age groups- it does that as well. Homedoc was developed to run on android platform 1.5.

Wafanyikazi: It was built to enables organizations and corporate companies, upload employee details so that these details are accessed by the public who verify that these are staff or organizations and companies. .

i-Travel: This was built The importance of this mobile application is to assist an individual in booking  Flights,  hotel accommodation or even  bus tickets. The mode of payment is through PayPal or Mobile money.

TAPT: This is a game app that determines how much one can tap their android phones. Interesting to note is that this application emerged winner.

The winners were given 6 tickets to start up Weekend Kampala and $500.

To catch up on the action: if you missed, check out #GADC #GADCKla on Twitter and Google+ as well. 


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