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Editor’s Pick: 10 Must-Have Gadgets For Working from Home

There are plenty of home office gadgets, remote work equipment, and work-from-home tools that can make working from home both convenient and enjoyable.

The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a revolutionary shift in the way we work and live, accelerating the trend of remote work. As businesses embrace a flexible work model, the digital nomad lifestyle is on the rise with individuals able to work from various locations as long as they have internet access, which is an essential requirement. Besides providing flexibility, cost savings, and less commute time, remote work also comes with unique challenges.

Remote work can be challenging, with the need to strike a balance between personal and professional responsibilities, remain productive outside of an office setting, and maintain information security. Luckily, there are solutions designed especially for those working from home that can aid their efficiency, communication skills, and overall well-being. In this article, we share 10 must-have gadgets that can help remote workers thrive.

Adjustable desk and an Ergonomic office chair

When setting up your home office, getting an adjustable work desk should be a priority. With this, you can vary between sitting and standing and don’t have to spend your entire workday in one position.

If you already have a decent desk and don’t want to spend the money on a brand-new adjustable desk, you could also opt for a standing desk converter, which can be placed on your current desk and adjusted to your standing height whenever needed. The only issue is that you will have to move your equipment from your normal desk to the standing desk every time you change positions. Thus, it is better if you invested in an adjustable desk.

These adjustable desks have a programmable height switcher, which lets you preset heights that you can switch (sit and stand) back and forth to just by pressing a button. The desks can store up to three height settings in their memory and feature automatic anti-collision technology so you don’t need to worry about the desk moving on you if you accidentally bump into the button.

On the other hand, get an ergonomic office chair. If you plan to work from home for months on end, get an ergonomic office chair. It’s literally an investment in your health. This chair adjusts to the person sitting on it while providing optimal airflow—which is a notable comfort booster if your home office gets warm. They have an adjustable mesh headrest that moves up and down for comfort while the adjustable armrests rotate and move on the x, y, and z axis providing four dimensions of custom comfort.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Staring and straining your eyes at these computers and mobile devices is more than just a full-time job—it’s a lifestyle at this point. Extended screen time can cause eye strain and even headaches. Since you likely spend a lot of time in front of your computer screen each day, you probably notice how maintaining focus becomes difficult after a few hours.

Some monitors come with integrated blue light filters but in case the one you have doesn’t, you should then consider getting blue light-blocking glasses, which essentially block blue light and prevent eye strain and headaches.

Experts also recommend the “20-20-20” rule which can help ease eye strain. This means that for every 20 minutes, you look away at something 20 feet away for a minimum of 20 seconds.

An Extra/Second Monitor

An extra/second monitor gives you more screen space. A second screen makes it far easier and faster to use multiple programs simultaneously as well as finish tasks more quickly and efficiently, hence increasing productivity. Instead of having to switch between full-screen windows, the second program can be put on the second monitor, making for fewer clicks and faster workflow.

A multiple-monitor arrangement can benefit employees who use laptops.

Backup Power Supply

Power outages are one of the real hazards of telecommuting —you, therefore, need a backup power supply. For this, you can opt to have solar power systems, a generator, or a UPS system. If there’s a power outage you won’t have excuses for your work delivery if you have a backup power supply. This can provide peace of mind ensuring that your devices stay powered and work can continue uninterrupted.

Webcam and Microphone

Webcams and microphones are other basic home office equipment you need to have. If your monitor or laptop doesn’t come with a proper webcam or your need of having better video quality, you might need to get an external one. This, of course, depends on the nature of your job and how many video calls you have. Some of these calls can even be done on your smartphone or some won’t necessarily require video.

These webcams come with a microphone but in case it doesn’t or if you need better/increase your sound quality then you can opt for an external microphone. It is best to get one that has an intelligent noise-canceling function.

Noise-canceling Headphones

No matter where you’re working, distractions abound. Invest in high-quality noise-canceling headphones. They come in handy if silence is not guaranteed in your home office. If you have children playing in the house, a pet that’s getting a little too excited, or your neighbors renovating their house then consider noise-canceling headphones another essential work-from-home gear.

Wi-Fi Extender

If your house has any Wi-Fi dead spots, a Wi-Fi extender is key for your home. It’s compatible with any router, gateway, and access point. The device boosts your Wi-Fi coverage up to 2000 square feet. Note that this tool doesn’t boost your Wi-Fi signal, just simply extends its coverage.

External Hard Drive

Large data files or multimedia and software can dwindle the memory space on your computer. Rather than using your computer’s precious memory space, you can get an external hard drive to store your work data. External hard drives have proven themselves invaluable in such scenarios, as they now offer vast amounts of storage space. These devices can also be great for backing up your hard drive. With their portability, you can easily change devices or take them on the go.

Multi-Port Adapter

The limited number of built-in ports on your computer or laptop (mostly MacBook users) may not be enough sometimes to connect multiple devices be it a charger, flash drive, or anything else. A solution to this can be getting a Multi-Port Adapter. They are great little gadgets that will allow you to connect different devices to your computer or laptop at once.

An Air Purifier

An air purifier is a nice addition to your home office. They can filter out pollen, dust, allergens, smoke, and other odors with ease. These purifiers capture and neutralize pollutants and give you fresh air for better focus. Some purifiers can also double as a white noise machines and block out distracting household sounds.

Honorable mentions;

  1. Ergonomic keyboard and mouse.
  2. Tablet or Laptop Stand.
  3. Smart Thermostat.
  4. Wireless Charging Station.
  5. Smart Lighting.

Conclusion: The Right Gadgets Make Remote Working Convenient
There are plenty of home office gadgets, remote work equipment, and work-from-home tools that can make working from home both convenient and enjoyable. These gadgets can improve your productivity and it all comes down to how you effectively use them.


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