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TikTok is Reportedly Working on a Photo-sharing App

TikTok is working on a Notes app that will rival with Meta's Instagram.

TikTok is reportedly working on a “dedicated space” for images and text with some users reported to have received notifications saying their photo posts will be shared to a new “TikTok Notes” app unless they opt out.

When launched the app will rival Meta’s Instagram and this goes to show that social media firms imitate each others’ products. “The copycat phenomenon runs rampant across social media platforms,” said Mike Proulx, a Research Director at Forrester. However, he pointed out that a similar move by Twitter failed which meant that there was no guarantee of success.

According to online reports, TikTok says it has not finalized the design of the Notes app, nor has it confirmed a release date. But notifications received by some users suggest the app will let users upload or share photo posts — which are currently a feature of the TikTok app and let people post a series of images with sounds and filters.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra said a text or photo app might be a space where the majority of TikTok users who “lurk”, rather than post, would engage more. However, he did not think another photo-sharing app was something social media users were “desperate” for.

The app comes at a difficult time for the company, with the US passing legislation that could see TikTok banned unless its Chinese owner sells the app to an American company within six months of passing its law.


Joan Banura

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