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You Can Now Limit Your Tweets to a Smaller Audience With Twitter Circle

Twitter Circle could help users gain a little more control over their privacy without making their accounts completely private.

Twitter Inc. is finally rolling out Twitter Circle to everyone — and it will let users limit their tweets to a smaller audience of up to 150 followers whether they follow you or not. The micro-blogging website first started testing the feature among “select people” in May 2022 and now they are rolling out globally.

Twitter Circle is available on iOS, Android, and desktop, allowing you to create an exclusive cohort of up to 150 followers who can see and engage with your content.

When you want to send out a tweet that you might not want the entire Twitterverse to see, you can choose to share it with your Circle instead. They can have more intimate conversations and build closer connections. Your followers who aren’t part of your Twitter Circle won’t see any tweets you share within the Circle, nor will they have any indication that such posts exist.

Followers who are part of your Circle will see a green badge beneath Circle-exclusive tweets. They will be able to reply and like Circle tweets as normal, though retweets will be disabled.

The Twitter Circle is added to your composer — you’ll see the option to share to your Circle when you open the tweet composer. Choose the dropdown menu at the top of the composer, and then hit Circle.

You can adjust your Circle at any time. Users won’t receive a notification when you add or remove them from your Circle. But those included in your Circle will see a highlighted badge that reads, “Only people in @[username]’s Twitter Circle can see this tweet” beneath posts sent to your Circle.

Even though your tweets will be private to the Circle that cannot retweet doesn’t mean the cannot screenshot the conversation.

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