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The Innovation Village to Spend UGX44bn Opening 3 New Hubs

The Innovation Village has today announced it will spend USD$12 million (approx. UGX44 billion) through their new initiative ‘Game Changers Road Show’ — to set up new hubs in three towns; Gulu, Mbarara and Jinja.

The plan of completion is in three months, according to CK Japheth; the CEO and Founder of The Innovation Village.

“The launch of these brand new innovation spaces will be executed through a three month activation plan dubbed; The Innovation Village Game Changers Road Show,” Japheth told reporters.

He further added that the overall plan is to create an equal opportunity for youth entrepreneurs across Uganda — and not only focusing in Kampala.

“We’ve been stationed in Kampala for 5 years. This new venture will see us start a new era in doing more for Ugandan youth entrepreneurs across Uganda,” he said.

The Game Changers Road Show is a five year plan program looking at skilling over 230,000 youth entrepreneurs. In addition, create over 300,000 direct jobs and 70,000 indirect jobs.

“We believe expanding to other regions outside Kampala will enable us achieve these targets,” says Japheth.

The Innovation Village Game Changers Roadshow. Photo by/Olupot Nathan Ernest | PC TECH MAGAZINE
The Innovation Village Game Changers Roadshow. Photo by/Olupot Nathan Ernest | PC TECH MAGAZINE

The first hub of the three to be unveiled will be in Gulu, then Jinja and finally in Mbarara.

The Innovation Village is working closely with the Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation, Private Sectors, NGOs, UN agencies — to support youth entrepreneurs. The purpose is to build a bridge between these organization and the entrepreneurs, hence creating a marketplace.

The hub is building a dynamic community of entrepreneurs that can solve problems that communities are facing today. With the hub’s support entrepreneurs build their businesses and they can go on to create job opportunities.

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