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Editor’s Pick: How to Share SafeBoda Cashless

Since the ground-to-top revamp of their app; SafeBoda has come to add three promised features to better serve its customers as claimed. The app at first wasn’t liked by many considering that it had location drops more often, as well delays to open. However, the bugs have been fixed and the app seems to be working well.

The new features introduced in the app are; the ability to buy airtime using your safeboda cashless, send your packages, and able to share your safeboda cashless. The airtime feature was rolled-out first, send package, and share last.

We reported on the first two features; Airtime, and Send since they were the first to be unveiled. The share feature was introduced Friday, Aug. 16th and allows users share their cashless. This only happens with those that have the safeboda app.

Side-note; you safeboda cashless can buy you airtime, and can be used to pay for package deliver. The company plans on pushing its riders to use cashless as payment for their trips to avoid hassles of change.

How to share:
Before sharing ensure that you have cashless on your account. The minimum you can share is UGX100 and the maximum is UGX1,000,000. Also ensure that your app is update to have this feature. To update you app, go to your respective app store >> open updates >> look for safeboda and then click update

Once done;

  1. Open your app.
  2. From the second dialog box (Cashless box), tap the ‘share’ feature which is between top up and transactions.
  3. Click start sharing and allow the app to access your contacts. (Allowing the app access your contacts, it will list only contacts with the safeboda app).
  4. Select your recipient/beneficiary.
  5. After selecting your beneficiary, insert how much you want to send them, and you can add a note if you wish.
  6. Click next, and your beneficiary’s cashless account will be topped up.

You can top up your cashless account using MTN and Airtel mobile money or you can preferable use any safeboda driver. To know a driver permitted to sale credit, have a safeboda cashless sticker on their helmet.

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