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The #MuseveniChallenge Takes Uganda Twitter Trends by Storm

Ugandans have taken to micro-blogging website; Twitter to imitate H.E President Yoweri Museveni who was pictured in his plane with a lenovo laptop — as he claimed “reading comments” to a tweet he posted on Aug. 11th.

The tweet was a link to a letter he wrote to all Ugandans, especially the ‘Bazzukulu’ (Youth) asking them to comment on his concluded wealth creation countrywide tour. The tweet received 252 replies, 279 retweets, and 1.7k likes at the time of posting this article.

And yes, Ugandans mostly the bazzukulu replied as asked.

On Aug. 26th, he posted a follow-up tweet and a photo attached — he was pictured with a lenovo laptop in a plane. The tweet read;

“Fellow Ugandans and particularly, the Bazzukulu. I thank all that read my message and those who responded. I have been using the flying hours to Yokohama, Japan to read through comments and prepare responses that I will share soon.”

He has later shared his responses to the social media comments in a detailed blog that has been published on his website.

“My detailed reply to different comments on social media can be accessed here now: I also saw an interesting comment from a one Spider Web, how do I get to you Spider Web? Send me your contact (DM) sweet muzukullu – mwijukuru muruungyi,” he wrote in a tweet.

However, Ugandans created a hashtag #MuseveniChallenge imitating him while on a laptop. Here are a few we could pick out;

It is not the first or the last time President is being imitated on social media. One notably mention was when he was pictured at the road-side on a phone call while seated on a chair as the rest of his convoy parked on the roadside waiting on him.


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