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SafeBoda Adds New Feature to its App, How to Use it

Following their recent update that allows its customers to purchase airtime from their credit accounts, SafeBoda has now added another update that allows its customers to send their packages through their applications.

The Bukoto-based moto-taxi hailing firm wants to offer its customers more than just booking a trip. The company stated before that it’s doing all its best to ensure they provide better customer experiences. The two new features come at a time SafeBoda re-launched a revamped app with a good UI, rich colors, smooth run among others.

With now the new feature; SEND, one can use a SafeBoda rider to deliver packages. This isn’t new as many people have been using these riders to have them deliver their products but not done through the application.

The send feature makes it official that you can use a SafeBoda rider, and gives the sender the ability to track their packages, as well as pay for the service cashless. Thus, you need to have cash on your SafeBoda account to be in position to use the SEND option.

When asked who is liable if the package gets lost, the company replied, “SafeBodas are trained and you can trust them to deliver your package safely and securely. All Send trips can be tracked in the app and we can account for them.”

To send your package, you need to have the update SafeBoda app.

  1. Open the app, and you will be in position to see the ‘send’ option in between ride and airtime.
  2. Select send >> add the delivery address >> add the recipient’s contact (the person receiving the package). NOTE: you can be the recipient, so the recipient doesn’t need to be another person only.
  3. In the package details, indicate the type of product, for instance; shoes, laptop to mention a few.
  4. Enter the pick up location, and the sender’s contact.
  5. Next is payment which can only be done by cashless.
  6. Select order or pair with the nearest SafeBoda rider.

Interestingly, you can book your ride at the same time or even on the go.


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