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Ugandan in Diaspora Sues Museveni For Blocking Him on Twitter

Hillary Sseguya; a student at Harvard University pursuing a master’s degree in International Relations has filed a lawsuit through his lawyer Male Mabirizi against H.E. President Yoweri Museveni and tow other government officials for blocking him on Twitter.

He argued that being blocked prevents him from giving feedback to his account about government policies on the micro-blogging website, Twitter.

“The President’s tweet has first-hand information about the country, and as a Ugandan living in the Diaspora, I am missing out on that information which is imperative to me. His actions have violated my right of freedom of speech, and he must unblock me,” Sseguya told CNN.

Sseguya who claims to be a regular tweep (Twitter user), always checked on the defendants accounts to access first-hand information — engaging by replying to the tweets with his opinions. He however, later realized he was blocked because he could not access their accounts. Hence, filing the law suit.

Senior Press Secretary to president Museveni; Don Wanyama has confirmed that the case is in court but declined to say further.

“We don’t respond to matters in court. It’s subjudice. We will respond in court if we have to,” Wanyama said.

The other two government officials Sseguya is suing are Ofwono Opondo and Asan Kasingye.

In his law suit (Misc Cause No 261), Sseguya seeks that the court prohibits Museveni, Ofwono, and Kasingye from further blocking him on Twitter. In addition, demanded that they pay him for damages [inconveniences] caused as well pay for the bills he incurred in filling the suit.

Ofwono said he blocked Sseguya because he found his tweets offensive.

“Yes, I blocked him for offensive communication. I block whoever directs offensive communication to me personally, and I have no apologies,” Opondo said, as reported by CNN.


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