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Taxify Finally Clears Termination Rumors in Uganda

Taxify has finally cleared out rumors of terminating its business in Uganda. This follows after a news website published an exclusive article claiming the company was ending its operations in Uganda.

Even through the roughness the company is going, they claim its committed to serving their customers better.

As we reported on Thursday afternoon, the exclusive article from TowerPost claimed that Taxify was closing and re-branding to ‘Riders’. We therefore contacted Taxify for a comment regarding this issue.

The company’s PR Manager, Marilin Noorem — told this website, quote “Taxify Uganda team assures that the claims made against Taxify closing or handing over its operations in Uganda are untrue and based on unfounded rumors.”

According to the exclusive, a source who preferred anonymity told the news website, Taxify was ending its business in Uganda next month. The company would them re-brand to ‘Rider’ who will take on operations with immediate effect. In order to avoid more losses.

The company of late has been getting bad reviews, and criticism for its services. Customers claims, the ride-hailing is unhelpful at all.

Taxify is a year and three months old in Uganda—offering users taxi/cab and moto-taxi services hailing trips from an application. It’s however, reported that its moto-taxi service has poor performance when it comes to handling customers. Customers have come to hate the app—calling it the ‘most’ hated ride-hailing app.

Riders are reportedly quitting working for the company with claims that they aren’t earning well. Riders complaints which also led to strikes begun after fuel prices were hiked. This could be one of the reasons as why riders are cheating its customers.

Its rival Safeboda early this week announced it was going to hike its prices in the morning and evening to favor its riders. A twitter user asked as to why it was hiking prices, the company responded, saying, different factors like increasing fuel prices—was put in consideration to ensure that their riders are well-benefiting.

Marilin told PC Tech Magazine, “At Taxify, we continuously strive to build an open, efficient and sustainable transportation ecosystem and remain committed to meeting the growing need of an affordable and reliable transportation, whilst creating sustainable jobs.”

While its customers and riders have lost trust in using the Estonia-based transportation firm services, it still has to face its competition to retain its leg in the game. In the moto-taxi service, Safeboda who have now over 8000+ riders have leveraged the market while in the cab service, Uber still dominates.

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