Safeboda Reaches 8000 Riders, Rumored to Expand to Three Cities

It’s with no doubt that Safeboda is the biggest and so far the most successful moto-taxi hailing service not only in Uganda—but in Africa. The startup won the ‘Best African App’ at the Awards in in Cape Town, South Africa in Nov. 2018. The awards aim to showcase Africa’s most innovative ventures.

Ending 2018 the hailing company managed to reach 8000+ registered riders, and it’s estimated to be at 8200 riders. This makes them the biggest ride hailing firm with the most riders. This advantage comes in that they’re the pioneers in the moto-taxi hailing industry in Uganda having leveraged the market since 2014.

Its strongest competitors UberBoda, and Taxify Boda, are still keeping up with the pace having been in the business for less than year. Taxify Boda and UberBoda launched in Kampala on Feb. 9th and Mar. 29th respectively—to give Safeboda a run for its pioneering industry.

To push their moto-taxi services, Taxify Boda, UberBoda, and Safeboda expanded to Nairobi before end of 2018. Taxify Boda expanded to Nairobi first, then Safeboda, finally UberBoda. UberBoda’s late expansion to the city was questioned by many of its cab customers in the city.

Meanwhile, safeboda is rumored to expand to Kigali, Dar es Salaam, and Lagos this year. If this turns out to be true—as we wait for feedback from the company’s spokesperson, this could be their ultimate goal this year.[related-posts]

While we tend to have a prediction article on the ride hailing services in Uganda—new moto-taxi hailing firms such as; Mondo, Little Ride, Dial Jack, Taxido, and PikiMe launched ending 2018 to bring on competition on the big 3. With the raise of all these firms, where does this leave the regular boda services.

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