TrendForce Hints Global Smartphone Market Might Decline By Up-to 5% in 2019

According to a new report by the global provider of market intelligence on the technology industries, TrendForce, the global smartphone production volume for 2019 is expected to be 1.41 billion units, a decrease of 3.3% compared with 2018—due to weaker overall demand outlook and other unfavorable factors.

The report claims the lack of breakthrough features/specs has made consumers less active than before with respect to replacing their existing devices.

The market intelligence provider also stated that global smartphone production may reach 5% due to the uncertainty and fallout from the ongoing trade war between U.S. and China.

With all this going astray, Samsung would remain the market leader—with a market share of 20%, while Huawei is expected to surpass Apple with a market share of 16% and 13% respectively to become the world’s second largest smartphone maker. Apple would then take the third place.

Huawei is likely become the only company to post positive growth in smartphone production, amongst the 3 giants. Samsung’s output is predicted to shrink 8% on-year to 293 million units, with Apple’s production likely to fall 15% to 189 million.

According to NDTV news, Strategy Analytics—predicted global smartphone shipments to come to 1.43 billion this year, down 0.6% from a year earlier. Forecasting a market share of 20.3% for Samsung, 16.1% for Huawei and 14.4% for Apple.

The difference with the results gathered by TrendForce is slightly not less nor much.[related-posts]


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