How Different Generations Play Video Games from Platforms to Genres

Video games are a form of entertainment that most of us are introduced to at a young age. However, the games that inspire a generation of gamers, and the devices which they are played on, are ever changing. So, while there may be the difference in the games that generations play and the platforms that they play them on, there are still lots of similarities too.

The youngest generation of gamers, also known as Generation Z, were born into a digital world. They have never lived in an era where video games of good quality didn’t exist, with them being one of the main forms of entertainment in existence. A staggering 81% of teenagers aged between 13 and 17 are said to own or have access to a games console, according to Pew Research.

When it comes to the genres of games that Gen Z teenagers are said to opt to play, it seems multiplayer titles are the popular choice. According to YouGov, CS:GO, Minecraft, Pokémon, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and The Legend of Zelda were the most popular games played, with 5 of those titles being renowned for their multiplayer capabilities.

Millennials, like the Gen Z generation, were brought up in an era where video games were a big part of life. You could also say that this is the generation that has seen the most changes in terms of technology advancing and this having a positive impact on gaming as a whole. With this, according to Tapjoy, 21% of millennials play on mobile, which seems to be the new way to play in the current era.

Pew Research found that around 67% of people in this age category regularly play video games, with the majority opting to play on mobile and/or tablet. The most popular genre’s that millennials are said to play include action, shooter and strategy. Again, the preferred titles are likely to be multiplayer based, just as they are with the Gen Z teenage generation too.

The Gen X age category is said to include the average gamer at the age of 35, according to the ESA. It’s a generation which has seen monumental changes in their lifetime where gaming is concerned, rapidly advancing from game consoles with wood paneling to the 4K systems, such as the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, that we are used to seeing today.

Again, it’s a generation that is now turning to smartphones and tablets as their preferred way to play, with PC gaming also seems more popular with Gen X than consoles. It also fits that puzzle and casino games are two of the favored genres of the generation, as these are now played on mobile rather than desktop. This is underlined by the fact that near enough all online casino sites like https://casino.partycasino.com/en/casino have mobile apps for all their members, and supercasinosites.com.

The final gaming generation is known as the baby boomers and this represents people aged 55+. You could say that this is the generation that doesn’t really identify themselves as gamers, but they do still play games on a regular basis. Again, mobile gaming is hugely popular with people aged 55+ and this yet again proves how far gaming on smartphones has come over the years.



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