INFOGRAPHIC: A History Of Gaming

When you think of the gaming industry, you know it as the booming billion-dollar industry that it is today, however it hasn’t always been this way, some 40+ years ago it was only just beginning and since then you are likely to be surprised at just how far both technology and the industry has come.

From the first generation of gaming where we saw the Magnavox Odyssey enter the market in 1972, up until the 8th generation of gaming we know today, we have seen 25 consoles make their mark in the world of gaming. During this time we have welcomed esports, live streaming platforms and VR to the market.

Technology has become so advanced within modern day PCs and consoles that it is giving people the opportunity to play games of such a caliber that they often find themselves on the borderline of realism, and the development of VR is gifting millions of people with the chance to step into worlds they could have only dreamed of visiting.

Within its run of 40+ years, the industry has seen many milestones, many of which we either haven’t noticed or have simply forgotten about. Online games retailer Fanatical have put together an interesting infographic detailing the history of gaming and what lead to the industry it has become.

A History of Gaming
Provided by Fanatical


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