(Photo Courtesy: Marketing Tech News)
(Photo Courtesy: Marketing Tech News)

One of the biggest forms of entertainment today are online games. With a huge variety and a range of offers for its players, this is one industry that is growing rapidly. Live tournaments, big rewards and challenging games, keep players reaching out for more. The simple way to put it is that today we are seeing the trend move from offline games to the digital world. Now how does this online game world connect to the social media?

Gamers and Social Media
Almost all online gamers are on social media in one way or the other. Gamers prefer to follow the gaming sites and keep updated about the latest tournaments, games and offers. Gamers who play rummy online real money are constantly looking for deals, offers and new tournaments on social media channels like Facebook. The main reason for this, especially for online card games like rummy is the real cash rewards that players take away when they win a game.

Taking this into account, gaming companies have now realized that social media websites are a very strong medium to share updates, game releases and more. This attracts new players and keep the existing players engaged with the game.

Feedback and response becomes the key
One of the key benefits that hold a lot of significance for players is the feedback and complaints option available on social media platforms. Just like it is important to know about the latest updates and offers provided by online games, it is equally important to be able to share your concerns, doubts and feedback about a game from time to time.

Online games have lakh of gamers, playing at the same time. It is possible that some players may face issues due to technical errors or may have concern with a level in the game. it is very important for players to be able to communicate and get answers as and when they require. A non-approachable or slow communication channel doesn’t work, when the games are fast and real time. Social media platforms like Facebook become an active channel to get their problems resolved and share feedback to improve the game further.

Gaming on Social Media
Another aspect of social media that is steadily gaining popularity is gaming on social media. This has been around for a while with games like Farmville, but now more and more online games are entering this space. People spend a significant amount of time on social media and that’s the place where they want to play games as well. As a result, there has been a positive trend in players, taking up games and sharing their success with friends. This keeps their motivation levels up and also acts like an encouragement to play more.

What players can expect in 2018
One industry that is directly impacting the online games segment is the boom in mobile sector that is expected to reach 1 Billion by 2020. Affordable smartphones and economic data plans are making more and more games introduce their app version. Popular card games in India like online rummy have introduced apps to enjoy the game from their mobile. This has lead to higher conversions and more time spent by players enjoying the game on their handsets.

In this year, the trend will not only continue but also continue to grow. Players are getting more and more comfortable playing from their mobiles rather than laptops.  Language options other than English, unlock growth. Players even from smaller cities are enjoying online games, especially games that they can relate to, in comparison to international names.

Games like ludo, rummy, teen patti and others are among the top games played in India. What the country is clearly moving towards is enjoying games on mobile that are available in local languages and have been played in the offline mode earlier.

Along with this comes the confidence in running digital payments and transactions. This lets players enjoy cash games and deposit registration fee and other charges for playing these games with confidence.

Even with the 2018 Finance Budget, there is not going to be much difference in the mobile game adaptation. India is all set to see the best of games with a social media connect in the years to come.