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LIGHTSYNC is new technology that has been introduced by Logitech to enable gamers to set up their lighting to reflect themselves as a gamer. The lights are fully customisable and can even be set up to respond to events that happen within games.

The G560 PC Gaming Speaker will be the first piece of hardware that uses this technology, along with the G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Some people may argue that the G560 speaker is not a necessary addition to your gaming set up but it will definitely enhance the experience. They can be used whenever you have your PC turned on and they provide excellent sound quality. Whether you are playing a game that has been specifically designed to be played on a PC or you are just taking advantage of the Resorts casino bonus code, you are sure to be impressed with the way the audio exactly matches the action on screen.

When you set the lights up these will also match the action on screen and this makes them a great choice when watching a movie or even listening to some music. You are able to choose the colors that you want to use and this lets you create something that is truly unique.

With the G560 you will get a 2.1 surround sound speaker and a down-firing subwoofer. The system will also include the Logitech Easy Switch which allows you to control up to four connected devices without waiting for a Bluetooth connection.


When you use LIGHTSYNC technology with the G513 keyboard you are able to choose different colours for individual keys. It is very easy to make the whole of the lighting set up for your PC something that is very unique and personal to you. The G513 model is also a very good gaming keyboard in its own right. It has an aluminium top case that not only makes the keyboard look great but also is very durable.

The keyboard is waterproof and also resistant to chemicals and other types of liquids. It is scratchproof and you will never have to really worry about it looking worn or old. The palm rest on the keyboard is made from memory foam and this ensures that you will always be comfortable when using it.

The G513 also included a USB Passthrough Port which allows you to connect anything that uses a USB 2.0 cable to your PC via the keyboard. The computer will instantly recognise the device that has been attached and this will open up the computer to a lot of new uses.

These two pieces of equipment will be available to buy during April and they are both have fans eagerly awaiting their release date. The G560 speaker are expected to retail at around USD$200 with the G513 keyboard expected at around $150. Some retailers may offer a deal where you can buy both elements for a reduced price but nothing has been announced regarding this so far. Both pieces of equipment will certainly make a huge difference to the way that your PC looks when it is being used.

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