Google has created a kit that lets tinkerers turn a regular Raspberry Pi into a voice-controlled virtual assistant.

At this point, the AIY Projects kit isn’t available for purchase on its own. You can get it for free when you buy the latest copy of The MagPi — the official Raspberry Pi magazine. Copies of the magazine are available in UK stores, as well as via subscription. Copies have also been shipped to North America.

The pack allows you to turn a Raspberry Pi 3 into a voice-powered digital assistant using the Google Assistant SDK and Google’s Cloud Speech API — and thus add voice interaction to your projects.

The pack includes a Google Voice Hardware Attached on Top (HAT) accessory board, a stereo microphone Voice HAT board, a large arcade button, wires, and cardboard case to house everything.

“All you need to add is a Raspberry Pi 3,” according to a blog post from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. “Then, after some software setup, you’ll have access to the Google Assistant SDK and Google Cloud Speech API.” The kit also works with Raspberry Pi Zero and 2.

Credit: ZDNet