Uber kenya strike. Image Credit: PLive Kenya
Uber kenya strike. Image Credit: PLive Kenya

US-based ride sharing firm; Uber Technologies, seems this week is facing a lot of troubles, strikes and fights.

After a video went viral showing Travis Kalanick; CEO at Uber, getting into a bitter fight with one of the uber drivers, who complained about the pay rates for drivers being cut and Travis losing money because people are not trusting you anymore, Kenyan Uber taxi drivers have also taken things a notch higher in their ongoing strike, demanding for better remunerations and better working conditions.

According to some of the reports we came across, a section of these drivers have resorted to pouring oil on their colleagues who have continued operating despite their strike. Not only have they stopped on pouring oil on their colleagues but also inside the car seats.

Nairobi News reported that, traffic had to be stopped on some of the busy roads in the city as the protesting drivers flagged down their colleagues and kicked out passengers.

Pictures going rounds on social media since yesterday showed defiant Uber drivers showered in oil while other showed passenger seats soaked in oil to discourage passengers from boarding the taxis.

Ma3Route;a mobile, web and SMS platform that helps citizens to share and access info about transport and current traffic conditions for their Nairobi city, in a tweet said, “Anti Uber hooligans causing chaos around kilimani”

The government on Monday waded into the ongoing conflict to try and bring things back to normal asking the company to increase taxi fares in order for Kenyan drivers to earn some revenue as well.

“The government would like to assure all stakeholders, including the Uber customers that it has seriously considered their concerns and adequate measures will be mobilized to ensure an amicable solution and result is achieved,”  Transport Principal Secretary, Irungu Nyakera said.

In a press statement released on Thursday, the company said they have been in talks with all uber stakeholders, working hard to explore a solution.

Uber Sub-Saharan Africa Manager, Alon Lits, said, “We appreciate the ongoing discussion with the Ministry of Transport towards ensuring that Uber has a place in Kenya and that everyone has access to a safe, reliable, and affordable ride.”