Despite Instagram not allowing you to schedule posts, Hootsuite has added a feature that aims to almost let you schedule content to be posted to the photo network.

The social monitoring and posting tool says scheduling Instagram posts is one of the most requested features from users.

However, Instagram’s developer T&Cs don’t allow for uploading via an API, and therefore you can’t really schedule content.

To get around this limitation, Hootsuite has taken a similar approach to tools like Latergram, which essentially serve as reminders to post your content at a set time.

“Users can schedule content to Instagram from Hootsuite, however scheduling does not mean Hootsuite published the content to that respective Instagram account,” a Hootsuite spokesperson said.

“The user will receive a push notification from Hootsuite at the time they scheduled the image for and then from the Hootsuite notification they are directed into the Instagram app (the image will carry over too) and then they can publish/post the image themselves.”

The feature also allows teams to more easily share a single Instagram account and allows marketers to manage Instagram campaigns from within Hootsuite alongside their other social channels.



  1. Unfortunately this is no different than LaterGramme, you still have to manually post from your phone…

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