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Uganda MPs Finally Receive iPads

iPads-StackUganda’s parliament has given iPads to all MPs at a cost of $370,000 (Shs937.5m), saying it will make them more efficient.

Parliamentary commissioner Emmanuel Dombo says it means MPs can access official documents while travelling.

He also said the funds had been generated by reducing the budget for paper, which would no longer be needed.

Many have however criticised it as  a waste of money.

“Taxpayers are already paying too much to take care of their MPs,” opposition MP Semujju Ibrahim Nganda told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme.


Mr Dombo described it as an “administrative decision”.

“These iPads that we have got are going to help us save a minimum of Shs 45 million per year as we do away with the use of papers,” Kadaga told the excited MPs.

Last year, MPs voted to increase their salaries by 38% – to more than $8,000 a month.

The 375 lawmakers have also been given more than $41,000 each to buy a car.


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