Image Credit; indiatimes
Image Credit; indiatimes

The world’s most popular messaging app recently added the ability to send bold, italic and strikethrough text in messages, as well as a hidden font and Olympic-themed emoji.WhatsApp has now pushed out a new update to its iOS app – version 2.16.8.

The latest version of the Facebook-owned app includes the ability to leave a voicemail with a contact if they’re unable to answer a WhatsApp call.
This means that in case a call made via WhatsApp is rejected, the users will also be shown the option of leaving a ‘voice message’ alongwith the ‘call again’ and ‘cancel’ options. Users can send voicemails by holding down the ‘voice message’ button. Once the user is finished speaking, he can lift his finger from the screen to send the message. This message will appear in the user’s active WhatsApp conversation with the caller.

Also, in case a user changes his mind while sending the voice mail, then he can also cancel the message by sliding his finger to the left. However, so far users cannot listen to the recording before sending the voice mail.

WhatsApp uses the Voice Over Internet Protocol, dubbed VOIP.This lets WhatsApp users make calls to contacts across the globe over the internet, making it much cheaper than traditional landline communication.

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