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MultiChoice Uganda Set to Launch DStv Mobile And GOtv Mobile

MultiChoiceMultiChoice Uganda has announced the launch of two exciting new mobile TV services, DStv Mobile and GOtv Mobile.  The commercial launch is set for a few week’s time after a successful pre-launch that saw the mobile TV service made available to a select group of key stakeholders.

Subscribers can look forward to riveting channels in the genres of sport, music, general entertainment, children’s programming and news.

“We have been looking forward to bringing mobile TV to Uganda and we trust that the mobile TV experience will bring convenience and flexibility to accessing first-class DStv and GOtv content” commented Charles Hamya, Generalmanager MultiChoice Uganda.

To access the service, subscribers simply choose from the mobile TV range of devices which are the Walka 7 (326 875 UGX), Drifta (183 050 UGX) and iDrifta (169 975 UGX).

“MultiChoice plays an important role in giving our country access to premium content through the establishment of various technologies and devices. Being one of the first people to access mobile TV in Uganda was exciting as it gave a firsthand experience of how mobile TV will change the way we interact with television” commented Michael Wakabi.

The Walka 7 is a portable TV complete with a seven inch screen. It boasts 6 hours of battery life and audio is delivered via two 1.5 watt speakers. The device makes the perfect companion on your desk at work.

The Drifta is a mobile TV decoder that receives the mobile TV broadcast signal and relays it over WiFi to a range of WiFi capable devices, this includes laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones.  The device is compatible with certain Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Symbian smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows and Mac computers.

The iDrifta is a plug and play mobile TV broadcast decoder dedicated to iOS devices.  It enhances the mobile TV viewing experience of consumers with Apple mobile devices, including iPads, iPods and iPhones. The iDrifta is compatible with the iPod 4th generation, iPhone 4/4S and iPad 1/2/3.

Subscribers will be able to choose from three bouquets:

Free bouquet – To introduce consumers to mobile TV, a free bouquet will be available with 3 celebrated channels, NTV, Bukedde and WBS.  This will be accessible to anyone with a mobile TV device.

GOtv Mobile bouquet – subscribers will have access to NTV, Bukedde, WBS, Citizen, Sony MAX, Africa Magic (Family), Disney Junior, Nat Geo Wild, CNN, Channel O, Select Sports and Super Sport Blitz.  GOtv Plus subscribers will be able to access one GOtv Mobile subscription at no cost.

DStv Mobile bouquet – subscribers will have access to the same great channels as GOtv Mobile with the addition of an events channel and SuperSport 9.  DStv Compact, Compact Plus or Family bouquet subscribers will be able to get one DStv Mobile subscription at no cost.

All these bouquets are available as stand-alone products and you do not have to be a DStv or GOtv subscriber to access mobile TV.

DStv Premium subscribers will be able to access the DStv Mobile bouquet with the addition of Africa Magic Entertainment and SuperSport 3. Furthermore, a DStv Premium subscriber will be able to access one DStv Mobile subscription at no cost.

The DStv Mobile and GOtv Mobile services will be available from all MultiChoice product retailers including from August 2013.

For the initial phase, mobile TV coverage will be available in Kampala.  Thereafter, coverage may be expanded to other parts of Uganda depending on the success of the service.


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