DSTV and GOTV, Which One Should You opt For

We are moving in a digital world and analog is old-school, and yes, it is old-school no argument. Although some people still use analog, it’s still considered an outdated technology. To make this article short and precise, I will take the perspective of TV, where TV is now more digital; better resolution, sharpness, contrast, and clarity than corresponding analog TVs.

Here in Uganda, the government through the Uganda Communication Commission banned analog pushing for digital broadcasting, calling on citizens to get satellite or terrestrial pay-TV services. Slowly by slowly, people began adapting and started getting these services, and the market is dominated by MultiChoice’s DStv and GOtv. There are other pay-tv services in Uganda, such as StarTimes, Zuku, Azam, as well as free-to-air services. But in this article we want to look at DStv and GOtv, which would you opt for. Well, in my opinion, it all comes down to money. Here’s why;

DStv I might say is for middle-class to high-end earners, while GOtv is for budget earners; those that earn less for a living. Usually, those that earn less opt for free-to-air services —but let’s still stick to GOtv.


How DStv and GOtv are packed and connected?
DStv is packed bigger compared to GOtv. This is because DStv uses a satellite dish while GOtv uses a UHF antenna. Each comes with a decoder though DStv decoders are much clearly, crisp than GOtv. When it comes to setting up, GOtv is much easier than DStv. Setting up DStv requires an additional payment on the actual pay because the satellite dish has to be set up firmly for the subscriber.

Packages and Channels
DStv has more packages —six (6) to mention while GOtv on the other hand has three (3) packages. DStv offers more channels than GOtv adding more entertainment, news, movies, and sports channels that subscribers love more. DStv’s Premium package offers more than 140+ channels while GOtv’s Max package offers 50+ channels.

Video Quality
If you’ve got a TV with a high resolution such as 4K or 8K, you won’t get a clear picture when using GOtv as opposed to DStv. GOtv decoders don’t support high-end resolutions and the best it can give is 720p resolution. However, there is a solution of using a 4K HDMI cable which will give you 1080p on a 4K or 8K TV which isn’t a bad quality. However, if you have a TV that supports less than 720p then you’re sorted. DStv decoder on the other hand produces better quality because they support Full HD capabilities, and using 4K or 8K HDMI cable, it produces quality videos.

As we mentioned before, DStv is much expensive compared to GOtv. DStv has six(6) packages including; Premium UGX227,000, Compact Plus goes for UGX135,000, Compact at UGX84,000, Family at UGX52, 000, Access at UGX35,000 and Indian UGX128,000. For GOtv, the three (3) packages, Max costs UGX40,000, Plus costs UGX27,000 and Value costs UGX17,000. Therefore, subscription counts a lot when it comes to choosing either getting a DStv or GOtv.

As we see, DStv subscriptions are much expensive than GOtv subscriptions. The subscriptions are pointed above monthly subscriptions.

Paying for subscriptions can be done by internet banking, USSD, mobile money, and through the Multichoice USSD & App platform.

Well, we can’t take sides on this. To our knowledge, both DStv and GOtv have a good durability span. However, durability will depend on how the products are handled —if handled poorly, they won’t last longer than when handled carefully.

Customer Support
In our small experiment, DStv customer care tended to respond swiftly as compared to GOtv customer care. Other than that, customer care from both parties was well delivered.

Honorable Features and Apps
Both DStv and GOtv have mobile applications. However, DStv apps deliver more as they allow subscribers to go beyond just using the app to make payments, fix errors, upgrade packages, to allowing subscribers to stream and watch programs live.

Honorable features, DStv allows subscribers to watch programs on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers using the DStv Now app. With the app, it can support up to 4-users minus the user using the decoder. This means one DStv account can be accessible by up to 4 other users.


Our Verdict
It all comes down to price. Those that usually opt for DStv are middle-class earners while GOtv is budget-friendly. If you want more entertainment, sports, news channels, DStv is the go-to option. To mitigate fighting for the remote to watch your favorite shows/programs, DStv is the go-to because of the availability of the DStv Now app. Better video quality, you opt for DStv, however, if you have a TV that supports less than 720p, GOtv could be the best option. Budget-wise, GOtv is the best option, it is affordable and easier to connect as you won’t incur more fees to set it up.

Well, we leave the choice to you…