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How to Activate MTN TikTok Bundles on the MyMTN App

TikTok bundles on MyMTN app.

TikTok is undoubtful one of the most used social media platforms today. The app has blown up despite competition from already established networks becoming so popular because it has content that is difficult to ignore which comes in so many varieties that suit almost anybody, and its ease of use.

One of the biggest standouts about TikTok is how fast videos get around and can go viral. It does not matter whether you are a celebrity or an ordinary person, if the content is relatable, humorous, entertaining, or all of those things, it can go far very fast in a matter of seconds.

The app is popular with teenagers —and allows users to create short-form videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, that have a duration of up to three minutes. The video-only interface makes it less elaborate, less detailed, and much easier to use compared to other social media platforms.

To be in the position of creating or watching videos on the platform, you need the internet. And you need a good subscription plan because TikTik does consume a lot of data —this is because the app is addictive and you’ll spend a lot of time on it. So here in Uganda, telecommunication firm, MTN Uganda made bundles that are tailored for the platform.

The MTN TikTok data bundles can be purchased by USSD *150*1*1*6*1# or by using the MyMTN app. To get the TikTok bundles from the MyMTN app, download the app if you don’t have one, but if you do have one, open/launch it.


  • Once the MyMTN app is open, from the navigation bar appearing at the bottom, locate the option ‘Buy’ tab.
  • Under Buy, Choose Data
  • Then, scroll and select Tiktok
  • Choose the TikTok bundle (UGX2,000) which is available.
  • Then, choose to buy for yourself, or another recipient.
  • The complete with payment via Mobile money by entering your 5 Digit Mobile Money PIN
  • Once approved, your MTN TikTok bundle will be loaded and activated for your account. The bundle is valid for 24 hours.


Joan Banura

A journalist at heart 💜 with a passion for Tech.
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