The iPhone SE 3 is Coming, and Sooner or Later it Will Be Available

The iPhone SE 3 is coming!

We have started to hear rumors about the next generation iPhone SE. In fact, everyone on the net is going wild trying to find out more about this new model. What will the new iPhone SE 3 look like?  Will the iPhone SE 3 be similar to the iPhone 12 or bring new technology?

So far only a few rumors and leaks are known. Let’s explore the most likely to be true information regarding the new iPhone SE 3.

Release Date
There are different guesses as to when the new iPhone SE 3 will be released, some say April 2021, but the most reliable sources steer closer to Autumn. The iPhone SE 3 is expected to come out together with the iPhone 13 and the new AirPods Pro. Only a year and a half after the launching of the second-generation iPhone SE, most rumors say October 2021 might be the release date.

However, the SE models have not been as predictable as the other Apple flagships. There might be surprises to consider in regard to the official release date of the iPhone SE 3.

Some pessimistic groups say the device will not be released so soon, after all, Apple cares little about budget phones. They assure if we follow the pattern, we might not see an iPhone Se 3 until 2024. The first generation was released in 2016, and the second four years later.

Nonetheless, let’s keep an optimistic view and hope to hear some official information soon. Apple should hold a March or April spring event, if we are lucky, we might get some good news about the iPhone SE 3 then.

If we go by Apple’s usual tactics, the new SE model should be similar in design to an older discontinued iPhone. For example, the SE released in 2016, looked quite similar to the iPhone 5s. And the 2nd-gen launched in 2020, was modeled after the iPhone 8.

While both models, SE and SE 2, internally upgraded to match the technology of their year of release, they had that retro vibe from the outer look.

Taking all of this into account, it is to be expected for the SE 3 to take the form of an all-screen phone. The most probable model to be reused is the iPhone XR. Considering it is the cheapest non-budget phone ever launched by Apple. But, the iPhone 11’ s aesthetic is still a great candidate.

One of the most interesting theories is by a concept illustration designer. In his designs, he foresees the iPhone SE 3 to be more similar to the 12 Mini.

To add, there were some improvements made to the iPhone 12 mini designs, and it looks quite alluring. While this last theory will probably never be a reality, it was a really cool rendering.

Following the previous models’ price, plus the actual flagship’s cost, it is expected that the entry-level SE 3 will be around $399. The first on the SE lines had the budget price tag of  USD$399, the same as the following generation. It would make sense for the third in line to follow the USD$400 mark closely.

It is not certain if the SE will be available for purchase with big carriers’ discounts. These promotions are more popularly paired with other models like the iPhone 12 Mini, or Pro. However, being an already budget-friendly device, you could probably get away with a free device, on some awesome plan. To make it even better, you could unlock the phone by visiting this website  and you get a phone for possibly one-tenth of the cost.

The features we will see in the iPhone SE 3 will depend greatly on a few factors. When the update will be and how it will fit with the other models available at the time of release, will play major roles.

Since the SE 3 is a budget phone, it must still be maintained within and under, the capabilities of the other flagship models. If the release date matches that of the iPhone 13 we should expect similar features. Some examples might be the 120Hz refresh rate screen and the under-screen Touch ID.

The most realistic features are going to be passed on from the 12 series. Night Mode, and potentially LiDAR technology should be included in the SE 2021 model. 5G is also going to be the norm for all devices soon, so an SE 3 with 5G is expected. An increase of RAM, from the previous generations. Instead of 3GB, getting up to 4GB.

It is unlikely for Apple to give the SE 3 any new technology unless it has been used by their main flagships.

The Bottom Line
While the rumors and leaks about the iPhone SE 3 are still fresh and mostly unconfirmed. We will keep our eyes open, in order to spot any reliable updates. The truth is the SE 3 is coming, and sooner or later it will be available.


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