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MTN Data Calculator, Just How Much Data Do You Need

MTN has a data calculator that can help you estimate how much data you need. The MTN data calculator will estimate the data usage basing on how you; surf the web, social media activity, send & receive emails with no & with attachments, playing online games, streaming music, non-HD videos, & HD videos, among other factors.

The Data Calculator then gives you an approximate figure of data you might need in month, week or daily basis. The approximation is based on your selection on what service you need. However, note that calculator is an estimator and the actual amount of data you might need to use each month, weekly or daily may be more or less than this estimated figure.

How it works;

Data usage is worked out by adding together everything that is downloaded and uploaded on the mobile internet connection. By adjusting the sliders on the data calculator it points at how much data you roughly spend. The calculator adds up the selections in real-time and gives you an idea of what data plan(s) for you.

Below are the activities the calculator is bases to make the estimations for you.

MTN Data Calculator Estimator
ActivityData Size
Surf the web1 minute browsing online = 1 MB
Use social media1 minute of browsing and posting to social media = 4 MB
Send and receive emails (with no attachments)1 email = 20 KB
Send and receive emails (with standard attachments)1 email = 300 KB
Game online1 minute of playing online games = 3 MB
Stream music1 minute of streaming music = 2 MB
Stream non-HD video1 minute of streaming non-HD video content = 4 MB
Stream HD video1 minute of streaming HD video content = 15 MB
Note: This data usage estimate is only a guide. Your usage may vary during actual circumstances.

Get to try it out now, and see whether it does estimate the data you need to use.

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