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How To Create a Twitter Thread — Extend Your Tweets

Micro-blogging website, Twitter in Dec. 2017 rolled out a feature dubbed ‘Twitter Threads’ to its platforms (web and apps) which is also known as a Tweet Storm. They’re simply a series of connected tweets from one person shared quickly in succession and related in one way or the other (take it like you’re developing a story). With a thread you can provide additional context, an update, or an extended point by connecting multiple Tweets together.

Its a feature for those times when one tweet is not enough to share. This might be a story or a longer message to convey or a rant. So with a thread you to tie a series of tweets all together to create a coherent message.

The feature was rolled out a month after Twitter doubled the tweet timit to 280 characters. The thread and 280 characters work in handy together. You can break Twitter’s 280 character limit using the thread feature. Tweeting multiple follow-up tweets at the same time.

To create a thread, you compose a normal tweet. Then click the “Plus (+)” button that appears in the bottom right-hand corner to add another tweet. Continue — clicking the + button to add as many tweets as possible. Once you’re completed with composing the tweets, you will be asked to click “Tweet all” to send out the thread. Note, it might take a little longer posting your thread, if — your thread contains a lot of tweets, slow internet, have media content, among others.

Once your thread is published, it will be labeled as “Show this thread”. Your followers will be able to spot a thread, and follow it in sequence.

Please note that the thread is different from the single tweet and replies we were used to before the thread feature.

Here’s how — graphically.

Interesting thread do again a lot of engagement and impressions. Your followers tend to follow the thread for the first one to the last only if they find it interesting. And example below is by a Twitter user, Faisal (
@PyeparFaisal) who posted a tweet thread of a morning taxi story.

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