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Should Buying Subscribers Be a Part of Your YouTube Channel Growth Strategy?

Let’s be honest -YouTube is an amazing resource for building and promoting a business brand, getting attention for your music or other creative talent, or for simply sharing content you think needs a wider audience. It’s also a very crowded social platform, so without an awful lot of work and time, plus a generous helping of good luck, the chances of being noticed are not going to be very high.

You probably already know that growing a YouTube channel involves posting great content on a regular basis, and adopting the best possible marketing strategies to get the word out and attract views, which hopefully leads to likes, and then to actually subscribing. This is the method which boosts your channel, exposing its content to more people through searches and suggestions and aiding the organic growth process of subscriber numbers.

All this is fine except again, the sheer number of people doing it is a sticking point. So as long as you are doing all you can the next logical step is to buy your channel a boost, in the form of subscribers. Here are the benefits of using this kind of short term marketing strategy.

Healthy subscriber numbers bring social authority
You can’t escape the fact that things other people like are automatically deemed useful, trustworthy, or worth following, so why should you miss out on this excellent benefit of paying for some extra subscribers. This can be especially useful when launching a new channel or using an established account which has been dormant for a while.

More subscribers mean better search engine ranking
It makes sense that channels which appear popular and busy, (which a good number of subscribers definitely suggests), will feature higher in the major search engine’s rankings but the same benefit is given in YouTube search results and suggested video sections too. These are both important ways to gain exposure and, hopefully, more subscribers.

It boosts confidence
It can be demoralizing to add great content and perhaps get views and likes but never quite manage to hook people into subscribing. (This can also look odd to those who do come across your channel.) Although you know that paid subscribers are not genuine fans the higher numbers do balance things out, and they give you the boost to keep working hard at things your end – confident that the extra numbers will soon help attract more organic subscribers.

If you are going to do it, do it right
There are plenty of places around that will happily sell you various packages of guaranteed YouTube subscribers, but not all are equal. Paying for accounts which are obviously fake or bot driven won’t help you reach your goals, and it could even damage your channel as the automated subscribing bots are the one thing YouTube can and will detect.

If you are going to pay for subscribers choose a provider who can deliver using real accounts, preferably from demographic groups which are close to your typical target audience. Social Media daily is a good option and you can read more about them here.

Add a Call to Action at the End of the Video
Always add a call to action immediately at the end of the video content asking the viewers subscribe to your channel. If they really like the video, there are greater chances to get a positive result.




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