What Are These Moto-Taxi Hailing Firms Doing Different From One Another ?

Pioneer moto-taxi ride hailing firm; SafeBoda has been in the business since 2014. A rider is seen wearing a reflective jacket, and helmet carrying an extra one passenger who does have a helmet as well.(Photo Credit: Technology Review) Pioneer moto-taxi ride hailing firm; SafeBoda has been in the business since 2014. A rider is seen wearing a reflective jacket, and helmet carrying an extra one passenger who does have a helmet as well.(Photo Credit: Technology Review)
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The business of moto-taxi grows at a very faster pace every single day because they’re the most common method of getting around in towns. They’re fast, efficient as well as very deadly. Notably, them being so deadly comes in when the riders don’t follow traffic rules, or they are always in rush to make extra cash. And as well don’t meet the requirements that a rider has to have, for instance providing an extra helmet to their passenger.

But who gives, because today moto-taxis are innovative solutions in frontier markets. This is where these newly moto-taxi ride hailing firms coming in. The introduction of these firms in the market asides from making the money, there main aim is for its drivers to offer a safer experience to passengers. Reduce on the number of accidents that occur every single day, as well as ensure that the passengers reach safer and in time.

Their operation is simple. It’s the consumer’s ability to electronically hail a moto-taxi via a mobile application, within a few minutes your ride reaches you and off to your destination. After the rider ends the trip, the passenger stars the rider.


Notably, Uber has been doing well with their cab-services here in Uganda. According to Drive in Uganda; a premier community for driving enthusiasts in Uganda – stated that Uber is the safest private transport means in Kampala, with SafeBoda coming second. Thus, will its UberBoda option work as fine as its cab-hailing app.

Anyhow, in this scenario we looking at SafeBoda, TaxifyBoda, and UberBoda. Are these ride-hailing firms doing anything different from one another. Maybe Not!

Before their birth, of course lived the usual or perhaps the normal moto-taxis we know of. And then came SafeBoda in 2014, begun with a few ten’s but now have thousand’s of riders around the streets of Kampala. SafeBoda had successfully leveraged their competitive advantages for 4 years till all came to an end when TaxifyBoda as well as UberBoda launched in February and March respectively.

Gear and Accessories
Common amongst them, they’re strongly trained and regulated; drivers wear helmets, reflective vests, follow the traffic laws, and carry an extra one for their passenger who also does wear a helmet. When carrying goods, they are limited to carrying a certain Kgs.

One important accessory to qualify being a moto-taxi rider for these firms is a smartphone for rides that will be ordered via the mobile application.

When UberBoda launched, it was seen giving its riders smartphones and power banks something that totally differed them from TaxifyBoda. However, we don’t know if this will be a permanent thing with UberBoda. If so, then riders that can’t afford to buy smartphones this would be of a great opportunity for them. While on the other hand, SafeBoda during its launch wasn’t seen giving out phones, however, the company confirmed to this website that they do equip its riders with smartphones.

The Application
If noticed, all these firms’ applications don’t differ that much. Asides from SafeBoda, Uber and Taxify begun with cab-ride hailing services before thinking of moto-taxis. In their applications, they added an option of moto-taxi instead of having come up with a separate application. But for SafeBoda, its only moto-taxi, and period.

Pricing is where the competition comes in. Let’s say the best prices bring in more customers… I guess! They all give coupons, gift cards, promotional cards, discounts, and so forth, but like I said before, the best pricings yield more.

We’ve know of SafeBoda’s 20% discount for passengers that pay with safeboda credit, I have to say this isn’t a bad deal after all, 20% off every ride you take, its perfect. SafeBoda as well is know of giving gift cards most especially on public holidays, and also give 100% every beginning of a new month for passengers that load safeboda credit using mobile money. For instance if you load 20,000 UGX you receive 40,000 UGX worth of safeboda credits. This is pretty awesome, I for one use this a lot. They aim to see that its passengers ride cashless and avoid the annoyance of looking for change.

TaxifyBoda on the other hand gives 50% discount on all its rides. Their base fare starts at 500 UGX, 400 UGX/KM, 70 UGX/Minute, and a minimum fare which is 1,000 UGX. Meanwhile UberBoda has a base fare of 500 UGX, 450 UGX per KM, 70 UGX/Minute, a minimum fare of 1,500 UGX and cancellation fee of 1,500 UGX. What gets me confused is why you have to pay for a cancellation fee.

We haven’t hard from SafeBoda and TaxifyBoda yet about its partnership with a security agencies but UberBoda was reported to have partnered with SGA Security.[related-posts]

Editor’s Note: This article will be updated more often. We’re trying to engage with these firms for more information.