Businessman using smart phone to pay for his online products. (Photo Courtesy)
Businessman using smart phone to pay for his online products. (Photo Courtesy)

Smartphones went from becoming cool new inventions to necessities in our daily lives. Not only do we use them for calls, we now need them for instant messaging, e-mail, and research, as well as gaming, social media, entertainment, to name a few.

Era of Personal Digital Assistants
With personal digital assistants (PDAs) such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana that come pre-installed or download have made it much more easy to use these devices. Some people have become lazy because of these PDAs, all the person will do is have it activated and commands it do what s/he wants at the moment. Say! for instance, making a call or sending a text message. This is why we ought to switch to the era of smartphones.

Advanced in way of communication
Smartphones have advanced what features can do, in other words – what a feature does, a smartphone does it better. Aside from Receiving/Making Calls and Sending/Receiving text (sms) messages, smartphones have mobile apps that can do all these at once or do them more better. For instance: the use of social media; WhatsApp can call, video chat, and also instant messaging – same goes to the likes of telegram, Facebook – etc. In addition, they can also communicate through instant e-mails.

Today! cooperate organizations and people can be reached faster via emails. Thus, Ugandans faster adoption to use of smartphones can bring them more opportunities.

Internet Connectivity
You can avoid going to internet cafes today if you owned a smartphone. Android smartphones come preinstalled with Google Chrome while iOS smartphone come with Safari, all you need is data, and surf/browse the whole day. For many reasons, smartphones are portable and can be carried and used anyway, unlike Tablets and Laptops that many might find uncomfortable at some places or less portable.

This has also benefited telecom firms, in a way that people are now using more of Data than Airtime. In other words, Data can do more than what Airtime can do. Make video calls, send emails, and instant messaging, make voice calls, and so forth.

Smartphone is a one in many/multiple device. In the past you would need to carry many devices to use, but now smartphones are packed with cameras, notepads, calendars, music and video players, phone books, digital maps, GPS, and so forth, that are often used today. Looking for a location that you might have a single idea where to find it – use the digital maps (Google or iOS maps), while out on an evening run – you can switch to using a music player to keep you company, if you’re forgetful – use the preinstalled notepads to note your works, mark your schedules on your calendar, seen something interest and you wanna keep it as a memory – take a picture using your camera. And therefore, this is how smartphones would ease your life today – in this era – of tech.

Business oriented
1. Many CRMs allow you to connect to them from your smartphone and pull out useful data on prospects and customers. It’s easy to retrieve a customer’s order history or little details you’ve learned about a prospect, keeping you armed with vital information.

2. Smartphones can make social media marketing a lot easier by allowing you to snatch a free minute now and then to post updates and read comments. Thanks to a smartphone, you can make use of time that would otherwise be wasted while standing in line or waiting in someone’s office.

More secure – gives more privacy
Smartphones are more private than feature phones. Biometric security – fingerprints, face recognition, iris scanners, and so forth. Unless your device has been hacked, there’s no way one can access your personal works/data at all.