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Spesho Taxi App Allows You to Hire a Driver to Chauffeur You

Ugandan party goers will no longer have to worry about the infamous Police breathalyzers (Kawunyemu) or how they will go home after drinking.

Available both day and night, Spesho Taxi app lets users order taxi cabs to drive them to different destinations around Kampala, or hire virtual drivers to Chauffeur them in their own cars.

Like Uber, cars are owned by individual drivers who subscribe to the app although a number of other differences exist between the two apps.

Billing and Payment Options

Spesho Taxi App which has been operational since March 2017 is fully integrated with Mobile Money (MTN and AIRTEL) as a means of accepting payments. Cash is also accepted.

According to Latimer Wandera the General Manager, card payments are being finalized to allow payments using Visa and MasterCard.

The bare minimum amount charged per trip is UShs 5000. The total amount for a single trip is factored mainly by the type of car that the rider chooses. The app requires the user to choose a category of car; Executive, SUVs, Vans or Cabs which have a different rate from the others, mainly because of its fuel consumption and the number of passengers that it can take on that single trip.

Time and distance covered to get to your destination are the other two factors that will determine your total.

Currently, Spesho Taxi does not have a cost sharing feature where a block amount can be shared by all passengers traveling in a particular ride, like one available on Uber.

Virtual Driver

This is our favorite feature so far. With this, instead of calling for a cab, you can request for a driver only to drive you in your private car.

Perfect for night goers who have a had a little too much to drink and cannot drive themselves back to their homes.

Riders are charged hourly or on a daily rate.

Scheduling Rides

Users can seamlessly schedule a ride to pick them at a particular time of the day. This feature also gives you a cost estimate as it requires you to input your Pick Off and Drop Off points while scheduling your ride.

Spesho Taxi App is available for free download on Google Play Store.


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