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Buddy Punch: Manage Employees through Your Smart Device

Reaping what you worked for is something that every employee expects. That is why your boss makes you punch the time clock whenever you check in or out of work. Tracking employees working hours is one of the most critical processes to any employer; hence, a good system should be put in place to ensure that every employee work data is collected, processed and stored safely. Buddy Punch is giving employers and employees the opportunity to experience the best of what any time clock punch system has to offer in a world where technology is taking over, and employees don’t have to necessarily work from the office anymore.

Why Choose Buddy Punch?

Buddy punch is a one of a kind system that can easily be integrated with other management systems like accounting software to provide simplified and accurate employee payroll data. The fact that buddy punch is accessible through the internet, an employer can access and track all employees even when in a business trip. This web-based time clock is easy to use and since it can also process other data like how much an employee is supposed to earn with respect to hours worked, automatically simplifies employee management workload. It is also important to note that buddy punch has built-in support for world acknowledged payroll vendors and can be used with various websites and mobile application in the world.

Who Can Use It?

Any organization or business size; small, medium or big can use buddy punch to monitor, manage and track employees regardless of the number of workers. All an employer has to do is add the details and emails of their employees after which the employees are provided with their login credentials to the system via their emails. With this done, employees log in to punch in or out, and the data is saved in the cloud where the employer can access it from anywhere anytime and access the data when scheduling to pay employees.

Special features

One of the features that make buddy punch the better option is that the employer can fully customize it according to what the business or organization requires. For example, if you need your employees to work for a specific number of hours a day, buddy punch has the option of automatically punching out employees when working hours are over.

Employees can also request for vacation leaves through this web-based time punch system where the employee can either accept or decline while automatically saving data. This system is also capable of automatically calculating overtime worked, and this feature comes with options of how you want the calculations to be done, but you can always disable it.

What do you need to use buddy punch

Buddy punch is web-based meaning all you need to use it is a Smartphone, tablet or computer. Every data entered in the system is automatically stored and can be accessed at any time for reference narrowing down all management workload into a simplified report that is accurate


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