Image Credit: Fundi Bots Uganda
Image Credit: Fundi Bots Uganda

IT and engineering have become the driving forces of innovation here in Uganda. We have seen more startups setting up operations and offering unique services, products, and user experiences over the last few years. The introduction of Service Hunt, an app by Ugandan youths designed to connect users with everyday service providers, is a good example.

Engineers are taking on a greater role in the development of this country, especially when it comes to innovations.

There are a number of reasons why engineers are future leaders that can help make a different where it counts.

More Opportunities for Youth

The trend can be seen all around the world. Top engineering programs from universities such as the University of California Riverside in the United States further backs the theory that modern engineers are learning to be future leaders through experience and updated courses.

The masters of engineering online programs from US and European universities are accessible to students in Uganda too. In fact, a lot of students are already well on their way towards earning an online masters in engineering degree from these distance learning programs.

The updated courses can be completed in as little as 13 months. As part of the program, students are learning both sides of the equation: the technical, engineering side, and the business side. The programs are preparing them to take charge and assume more important roles in the future.

Specific Programs for Optimum Transfer of Skills

It is also worth noting that the updated programs offer students the opportunity to pick a specific field as they study for their master’s degrees. Mechanical engineering is still one of the most popular programs on the market, but there are also courses on bioengineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, and data science.

Each specific program combines the technical side of the field with practical managerial skills. Future engineers are expected to lead projects and research programs to help advance this country as a whole, so these programs are indeed suitable and will help Ugandan students be more competitive on the market.

Programs include classes in communication, team management, and other leadership-related subjects. As part of the learning programs, students from different parts of the world can communicate with each other and work together on course assignments and projects. It is the perfect opportunity to develop networks and be an active part of exciting developments.

What This Means for Uganda

As mentioned earlier, we’re already seeing young engineers and inventors helping the society grow as a whole with apps, products, and services. The new generation of engineers – future leaders – are bound to enter the job market this year, so don’t be surprised to see more inventions helping Uganda grow as a country.

There are even those who are using their engineering and leadership skills to start new businesses. Entrepreneurs are providing jobs for more people, contributing more to the economy and creating a healthy, competitive business environment at the same time. Big changes are coming to this country and it will be engineers who are leading the charge towards innovations.