Despite the fact the South Korean firm Samsung Electronics Co. had one of the biggest product safety failures in tech history, new reports show that the was the biggest smartphone seller last year, followed by one of their biggest competitors, Apple Inc. and China’s Huawei.

According to the statistics by industry tracker Strategy Analytics, Samsung sold 309.4 million units of Galaxy series smartphones while Apple Inc.’s iPhone smartphones was 215.4 million and those for Huawei’s were 138.8 million.

The report also shows China’s Oppo (84.6 million) and Xiaomi (71.9 million) come in the fourth and fifth place respectively.

“Chinese smartphone producers need to strengthen their premium phone lineups to catch up with Samsung and Apple,” an industry source said.

Apple Inc., meanwhile, had US$44.9 billion in operating profit, 79.2% of the total global smartphone profits of $53.7 billion, according to Strategy Analytics figures. Apple’s operating profit margin stood at 32.4% last year.

Samsung Electronics Co.’s smartphone business posted an operating profit of $8.3 billion last year, accounting for 14.6 percent of the global profits. Samsung’s operating profit margin stood at 11.6% .

Huawei posted an operating profit of $929 million last year, accounting for 1.6% of global profits. OPPO took 1.5% of the global profits.

source: Strategy Analytics and Yonha PNews